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The Pet Directory FINDA - Search for PETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES around the world!
World's Largest Online Pet Directory - Search for PETS PRODUCTS SERVICES around the world!
The Pet Directory FINDA - Search for PETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES around the world! The Pet Directory FINDA - Search for PETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES around the world! The Pet Directory FINDA - Search for PETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES around the world!
The Pet Directory FINDA - Search for PETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES around the world! Click to select Section The Pet Directory FINDA - Search for PETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES around the world!
The Pet Directory FINDA - Search for PETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES around the world! The Pet Directory FINDA - Search for PETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES around the world! The Pet Directory FINDA - Search for PETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES around the world!
Click here to enter the Jobs Section Click here to enter the Events Section Click here to return to Home Click here to enter the Events Section Click here to enter the Wildlife Section Click here to enter the Horse Section Click here to enter the Wildlife Section Click here to enter the Horse Section Click here to enter the Small Animals Section Click here to enter the Bird Section Click here to enter the Bird Section Click here to enter the Dog Section Click here to enter the Cat Section Click here to enter the Farm Animals Section Click here to enter the Cat Section Click here to enter the Aquarium Section Click here to enter the Farm Animals Section Click here to enter the Reptiles Section Click here to enter the Jobs Section Click here to enter the Reptiles Section
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Click on the pet FINDA above to locate breeders, a pet shop or an aquarium or produce shop, a dog groomer, a veterinarian, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, guinea pigs, cavy, cavies, rabbits, mice, rats, hermit crabs, horses, miniature horses and ponies. Find donkeys, saddlers, farriers, cages and aviaries, repstile enclosures, pet accessories, pet products, pet services, dog off leash areas, pet events, pet articles, including dog article, lots of information about dogs. Find pet food, horse food, cat food, bird food, bird advice, dog advice, cat advice, reptile advice. Find dog shows, cat shows, horse shows, reptile events, dog clubs, cat clubs, bird clubs, horse clubs, miniature horse clubs, miniature ponies clubs, and much more. Locate your nearest pet suppliers in Australia - Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane - Adelaide - Hobart - Darwin - Perth - Gold Coast - Cairns - Wollongong - Newcastle - Canberra and around the world including the UK - United Kingdom - the USA - United State of America - China - Japan - Indonesia - Taiwan - Austria - Germany and all the rest.























dog groomers inner west Groomers Friend - BAWLEY POINT NSW Pro-Groomer Workshops have been designed to teach people the art of pet grooming and provide you with the necessary skills to groom a variety of breeds Dog Grooming School New South Wales 2539. dog groomer dog groomers dog grooming dog groomer dog dog groomer dog groomers dog grooming dog grooming equipment dog grooming supplies dog grooming salon. The Pet Directory or Pet Directory as dog breeders call it contains breeders of dogs, cats, birds, fish, guinea pigs, cavies, rats, mice, rabbits, ferrets, horses, mini horses or miniature horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep, goats, and pet products. In The Pet Directory you will find groomers, dog groomers, cat groomers, hydrobath, hydrobaths, mobile groomers, mobile hydrobath, hydro bath, vets, veterinarians, bird vets, avian vets, avian veterinarian, horse strappers, horse farriers, horse shoes, horse rugs, horse breakers and handlers, horse shows.









PatMyPet Dog Grooming Dog Care Pet Care Dog food
New York

Pat My Pet Pet care Pet Food Dog Grooming Dog care dog food
The Doggie Forum

The Doggie forum is a fun community for dog lovers. join  our Dog forum to talk about your dogs, share experiences about dog training,dog behavior,dog grooming and more. Meet other dog lovers and make new friends .
Dog Forum, Dog Forums, Dog Training Forum, Dog Behavior forum, dog grooming forums.
Dogs Barn
Six Dog Studio

The Six Dog Studio is a gallery featuring the original poetry and art of Patricia Walter. A large ecard service features her original work. Patricia loves dogs and often writes about and paints dogs. Dogs have always shared Patricia's life and she currently has 16. 11 from the local shelter and 4 strays.
ecards,poetry,dogs,art,poems,pets,paintings,animals,cats,cards,post cards,greeting cards,love,friendship

"The One Stop Site For Information About Dogs". Enquiries Welcome.
Finding Beau

Please help find my English Setter "Beau" who was STOLEN from the Gold Coast, QLD on 1 July 2003.
Adventure Australia

Funny Animal Photos - We watch animals in our homes, and observe them in the wild.  It's always wise to have a camera handy to snap those funny moments.  Laugh along with these funny photos.
Free Pet Memorials

A place to share and keep alive the memory of our dear pets who are no longer with us.
pet,dog,cat,memorial,pet lover, dog lover,cat lover,lost pet,lost dog,lost cat,pet supply,pet store,littlest pet shop,pet supply store,pet shop,pet adoption,pet insurance,pet grooming,pet services,pet shop boy,pet sitting,pet groomers,pet care,pet medication,adopt a pet,pet food,pet product,pet emetery,pet for sale,pet health,animal pet
The Daily Cute

A new picture every day that will make you wonder how things in life are just so adorable. Puppies, kittens, whatever! Dog Section
Wags Out West

WA Western australia perth pet friendly dog friendly reviews wagsoutwest

provides information on dog training articles, puppies for sale listing, dog breed information, dog e-cards, and more.
dogs puppies for sale dog training dog pictures breeders directory canine kennels
Best Pet Names

Best Pet Names - Find the right name for your fish, dog, cat or other animal and take a moment to share the unique name you gave your pet.
Pet names, best pet names, cute pet names, unique pet names, names,

We are a small but select kennel breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks of type and temperament. All breeding stock are hip/elbow scored AVA. Our puppies are lovingly raised in a family environment with an emphasis on socialisation with children and other animals.
Rhodesian Ridgbacks Ridgies Puppies Dogs
the Amazing Tuppy Dog

Worlds Most Amazing Super Dog
Worlds most Amazing Super Dog Anzac Tuppy baby puppy friends Animal welfare ridgeback rescue RSL football Tuppy dog Animal Rights
the Amazing Tuppy Dog

the Amazing Tuppy Dog Worlds Most Amazing Super Dog You Will Believe A Dog Can Fly
Amazing Super dog Anzac Tuppy baby puppy page football ridgeback rescue Animal welfare returned service league animal rights animal rescue
Spot Stealers

Hundreds of dog care articles cover dog training tips, health care solutions for issues such as dry skin or shedding, and diet and nutrition advice for dog owners. Great resources for those that need help or info for their dogs.
dog training tips, dog behavior modification techniques, dog diet advice, dog nutrition guidelines, dog health solutions, dog skin care issues, dog help articles, help choosing a new dog, help for senior aging dogs, home remedies for dog issues

BarkleyAndPaws is your online pet magazine and social community featuring articles, forums, personal blogs, groups, photo and video albums, and your very own personal PetProfilePages!
pet, dog, cat, fish, bird, blog, forum, articles, health, pictures, video
H-W-A forums

forums dogs cats birds fish horses videos photos chatting advice questions answers ideas tips advertise advertising free
Uti In Dogs

Read more about the common causes, symptoms and treatments for the urinary tract infection in dogs.
uti in dogs
Old Dog Treats And Rawhide

A valuable resource for all dog owners with a complete section dedicated to those with older dogs. We cover dog health, dog skin, obedience, grooming, nutrition and so much more. We also include dog birthdays, poems, rawhides and be sure to visit our fun and unique dog personality page.
old dog,old dogs,old dog care,senior dog,senior dogs,senior dog care,older dog,older dogs,dog health,dog food comparison,dog constipation,dog yeast infection,best home business idea

We are a melbourne based family business. Our service is tailored to suit you and your pets eve family business. Our service is tailored to suit you and your pets every need whilst you enjoy that well earned break away, we also care for your garden and your home if you would like us to.


We are a melbourne based family business. Our service is tailored to suit you and your pets every need whilst you enjoy that well earned break away, we also care for your garden and your home if you would like us to.

Caring, Loving and Reliable Home Alone Pet Nannies really care. We understand everything you go through when you decide to plan a trip away even for a wekeend, and your mates can't go...They just can't GO!! It breaks your heart to leave them. But you need to get away. No more vacinations before you leave, no more worrying about them contracting illness from the boarding kennels, no more heart ache about them being in a strange place with nothing familiar around them to sooth their little minds. The other wonderful thing is you can keep all your pets in one place for the same price. We charge per visit, not per pet. We have an information sheet for you to complete with everything we need to know about your pet/pets. This gives us a greater understanding of you and your pets individual needs. This is vital to the happyness of your pets whilst you are away. Gotta be happy with that!



hilst you enjoy that well earned break away, we also care for your garden and your home if you would like us to.
We Callcccare a melbourne based family business. Our service is tailored to suit you and your pets every need whilst you enjoy that well earned break away, we also care for your garden and your home if you would like us to.

Pet Minding, Dog Walking, Dog Behaviouralist, Dog Phsycologist, Training, Puppies, House Minding, Animal Lovers, day care for Puppies, Day care for Dogs, Cats at home, discounts, Holidays,

Bladder stones, also known as uroliths, is a disease caused by many factors. Female dogs and smaller dogs are more prone to bladder stones. Follow the steps and tips described in our articles and you will learn more about the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatments and home remedies for the bladder stones infection in your dog.
Urolithiasis In Dogs

Read more about the mange disease in dogs, what it is and how to diagnose it, prevent, treat and also a few home remedies for the dog mange and find out more about the three types of mange - sarcoptic, demodectic and cheyletiella (walking dandruff in dogs).
Mange In Dogs

Dog diarrhea is a disease usually triggered by the foods that your dog eats. At you will find articles and information on the main causes, simptoms and treatments for diarrhea in dogs and what food you should give to your dog when suffering from this condition.
dog diarrhea
Memories Of Our Pets

A free pet memorial website, where you can submit photos of your pets, and leave tributes for them. A great way to remember them.
pets, memorial, memories, departed, loss

MyPetEwatch is an online pet community. It is the place to come to talk all about your pet. We have a huge pet forum to discuss any pet related topic. You can share images and videos, create quizzes and write blogs. We also have a groups section, a classifieds section and an events section.

Best of all we run a worldwide weekly cutest pet competition. If you win you get to spend $50 at your favourite pet store!

mypetewatch, online pet community, cutest pet competition, classifieds, quizzes, groups, images, video, events, socialise, share imformation, forums
Ear infection in dogs

Read our articles and tips on the main causes, symptoms, treatments and home remedies for the ear infection in dogs.
Ear infection in dogs
Dog ear mites

Visit us at and read about the ear mites disease in dogs, how you can diagnose and cure it, what are the main causes and some effective home remedies.
Dog ear mites
Maltese Maniac

Do you love the Maltese dog breed? Find solutions to your problems and discover fun and important facts about Maltese puppies and Maltese dogs.
maltese, maltese dogs, maltese dog, maltese puppy, maltese puppies, maltese mix
Ridge Graphics

Web design  .  Domain Names  .  Hosting  .  Business Cards  . Brochures  .  Advertising & Promotional Materials

We offer affordable websites that project a professional image.

Promote your kennels and showcase your dogs achievements.

Starting from $110.00

webpage, web, design, dog, domain, hosting, promotional materials, website
Diabetes in dogs

DiabetesInDogs.Net deals with the canine diabetes condition and with the main causes, symptoms, treatment courses and natural cures for canine diabetes. Read also our article on the proper diet for a diabetic dog in order to prevent canine diabetes.
Diabetes in dogs Pet Blog

Pet Blog with pet product reviews, product comparisons, tips and information.

pet blog - Where the cockers come to play

A community forum of cocker spaniel owners/lovers who provide photos, videos, contests and more...
cocker, spaniel, american, english, puppy, dog, message, board, forum, picture, pic, video, movie, photo,

Dogs for sale puppies for sale
For the Love of Hanna

A warm and special site dedicated to healing after the  loss of a very special Westie.  Read her stories, her life long battle with kidney disease.  Share in the delight and wonder of a vivaciously spirited little dog.
Westie, pet loss, pet grief, healing from loss of pet, loss of pet, pet stories, West Highland terrier, pet death

Welcome to K9Lovers Welcome to K9Lovers a online dating site and community created exclusively for Dog Lovers that are searching for like minded people for Friendship Love or Just to chat about their Dogs. We welcome people from around the world - straight gay and from all backgrounds. Join for free.
Memorial Markers

Pet Memorial Markers Stone Headstone Plaque Cement
Palace For Dogs

Free information for puppy training, dog obedience training and solving dog behavior problems.
dog training, train your dog, dog obedience training, puppy training, dog behavior problems
Assoiciate member for Mannatech

Weight Fitness Products Health Products Skin Care Products

Golden Retriever Tips and Information

Complete Golden Retriever information including adoption, tainting, health and many other tips.
Golden Retriever information, Golden Retriever adoption, golden retrievers puppies, white golden retriever, golden retriever breeder, golden retriever breed

Pet Videos, Watch funny animal videos, funny dog videos, funny cat videos, bird videos, rabbit videos, snake videos, start a video group.

french bulldogEnglish bulldogAmerican bulldog

dogs for sale

A Comprehensive Guide for Pets in One Blog
dog training basic skills pet blog
Maltese Maniac

Do you love the Maltese dog breed? Find solutions to your problems and discover fun and important facts about Maltese puppies and Maltese dogs.
maltese, maltese dogs, maltese puppies, maltese dog, maltese puppy
How to Pay My Vet - Vet Bill Assistance

How to Pay My Vet is focused on providing financial assistance to those with short-term cash flow problems.
vet bill assistance help paying pet bills vet bill help help paying for vet bills
Pet Radio Magazine

dog stories dog health dog training dog food cats
Labrador Retrievers

This website offers extensive information on all aspects of the Labrador Retriever dog breed, from history of the breed to health problems that you might expect if you were a Lab owner.
labrador retrievers, dog breeds, dogs, pets
Pet Paintings by Danny

Pet Paintings from your photographs.  Capture your pet's beauty and personality forever!

pet paintings, pet art, commissions

Welcome to Animal Rescue Dominican Republic

Hello my name is Andrea Thumeyer.
I am living in the Dominican Republic since May 1985 and rescued right away the first dogs.
Over the years I have rescued far over 50 dogs - and kept most of them, 20 + cats, hundreds of birds, turtles, rabbits, iguanas, fishes and more.
Stray cats and dogs are here so many and they do need help, they do need a home !
I try to show to the people in the Dominican Republic, that pet ownership, although challenging at times, can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.
And YES - Many of the people I do know have animals now!
All dogs and cats in my home are well cared for and are given a nice, comfortable bed/chair in clean accommodation
with plenty of food, vet care from DR BOB and most importantly: lots of love and attention.
All the birds have huge cages, they do feel like they are free, the turtles have a large pond now also.

I do never turn down  animals because they require additional medical treatment, like Karla (back problems), Kimberly (no fur and always cold), Canseco (Eye problems), Jessica (thyrod problems).....

But that all costs money... I could need some help - well yes, WE do need your help!

Please consider any amount donation to help sponsor one of these wonderful dogs or cats!

I can't continue saving more animals without your help. Thank you in advance!!

phone: 809-462-8140
mobile: 809-462-8140
contact: Andrea
  5700 WI


rescues, dogs, puppies, strays, cats, reptiles, starving, Animal Rescue, Dominican Republic, help, donation, birds, cages, medical treatment, veterinarian, sponsor,

pet names dog names puppy names

Best Dog Sites Directory

A Web directory of the best dog sites organized by category. Submit your dog site to this niche pet directory.
dogs, dog, canine, links, directory, directories, pets, pet
Dog Poisons In The Home

Do you know how many chemicals and foodstuffs around your home are toxic to your dogs? This ebook lists the most common ones, and includes symptoms, diagnosis, likely treatment and prognosis.
dog health, dog poisons

veterinarian veterinary vet pet dog cat website portal reminders treatment prescriptions health tips breeder reports nutrition behaviour fleas worms barking arthritis aggression
The Daily Pup

Dog heath nutrition training behaviour breed information and product reviews.
Labrador Training HQ

Labrador training Labrador puppy training Labrador care Labrador obedience training Labrador crate training Labrador house training Labrador health.
Acacia Animal Care

Holistic Vet Backyard Poultry seminar Acupuncture Homeopathy Herbal Medicine Structural Balancing Phone Counselling
Famous Arthritis Treats

Girl's Famous Arthritis Treats "Power Pigs" have kept Girl and many other dogs away from the vet for over 4 years. These treats are a taste sensation and give great relief to any dog suffering from the effects of arthritis, young or old. Girl was born with chronic degenerative bone disease - arthritis, but at 7yo she runs around like a puppy. Visit our website to learn more...
The Doggie Forum

The Doggie forum is a fun community for dog lovers. join  our Dog forum to talk about your dogs, share experiences about dog training,dog behavior,dog grooming and more. Meet other dog lovers and make new friends .
Dog forum, Dog Forums, Dog Training forum, dog grooming forum, dog behavior forums
Dog Accessories at Phoopups
Australia Wide

phoopups is Australian owned and family operated our mission is simple to providing like minded dog lovers with high quality products,because we understand the way you feel when it comes to that special family member...
beds,BEDS,Beds,toys,bed,toy,Toy,TOYS,toys,collars,Collars,COLLARS,collar,leads,Leads,LEADS,halti,Halti,HALTI,Snooza beds,Kong,KONG,kongs,dental,sporn,Sporn,training,Training,TRAINING,DOG,Dog,dog,dogs,k9,canine,Canine,CANINE,pooch,Pooch,
Boston Terrier

boston terrier, dogs, bulldog, photos, videos, small dogs
Every Greyhound

Greyhound, adopt, foster, forum

From the producers of tv's "Planet's Funniest Animals" comes, a new website dedicated to pets and the people who love them. brings users videos from the largest library of funny animal videos in the world, and encourages users to upload their own pet videos as well. Additionally, the site provides users with many other ways to get involved with other pet lovers.
pet, animal, funny, video, hilarious, dog, cat, bird, turtle, kangaroo, bear, kitty, kitten, puppy, horse, turtle, frog, squirrel, giraffe, bison, pettube, tube
Puppy Dog Planet

A place for those who love dogs! You can find a puppy or just enjoy learning more about mans best friend. Our social network is a key part of our site that is made up dog breeders and lovers alike.
puppy dog, dog breeders
Dog Pictures

Dog diaries includes a wide variety of dog pictures as well as dog videos, dog blogs and a dog forum
Dog pictures, Dog behaviour, dog forum, dog video
English Bulldog Nation

This is a comprehensive website devoted to the English Bulldog. Find out about puppies, diet, health, grooming, training and so much more.
English Bulldog, bulldog breeders, bulldog gifts, english bulldog photos
LM Animal Portraits

Dog Portraits Dog Paintings Animal Paintings Animal Portraits

This site is dedicated to the working dogs of Australia.  Whether you haver a Kelpie, Border Collie, or Cattle Dog, live in the city or the country, this is the site for you.  We have information on training, working dog trials, breeders, trainers etc.  

dog training, kelpie, border collie, cattle dog, koolie, collie, working dog, sheepdog, herding
Done That Australia

Dog-friendly camping dog-friendly 4x4 dog parks dog off-leash areas Australia
Ultrasonography of Osteosarcoma in Dogs

dog osteosarcoma ultrasonography ultrasound cancer
Humane Society

The Humane Society serves the communities of northwest Montana including Kalispell,Whitefish,Columbia Falls,Kila and Lakeside/Somers. We are a a ‘No-Kill’ pet adoption center funded solely by the people we serve. As strong supporters of spaying and neutering and pet identification,all cats and dogs that are adopted from the Charlotte Edkins Animal Adoption Center are spayed or neutered and microchipped prior to adoption,including kittens and puppies. Be sure to give us a 'Like' on Facebook at,
humane society, pets, dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, montana, flathead county, animal shelter
Non Shedding Dogs Blog

non shedding dogs dogs that dont shed shedding dogs

Vet, online vet advice, dog information, cat information
French Bulldogs Australia

French Bulldog Frenchie Puppies Puppy Australia Buying Breeders Health
Nifty Pet Names

Pet Names
Something About Dogs

Something About Dogs is a free dog and puppy forum in the Goodpasture Group's wild and domestic animal forums series.
dogs, puppies, dog food, dog breeding, dog shows, dog health, dog forum, puppy talk, dog toys, something about dogs

Largest pet photo contest on the planet. Go to to enter your favorite pet photo to win up to $10,000 in cash and prizes including a cash grand prize of $1,000.
pet photo, cutest pet photo, dog, cat, pet, contest, photo competition, photography, picture,, cutest pet contest, cutestpetcontest, international pet owners club

A site for all pet lovers to see their pet pics online. See if you can win the pet pic of the day. Also talk with other pet owners from around the world.
pet, pets, cute pet pics, pet pics, pet pic,

The Cane Corso - Family's Best Friend And Protector.
We began breeding in 1996 in Germany with many successful Italian bloodlines. In August 2006 we moved with our dogs to Australia to continue breeding with these great bloodlines so that people here could see what a real Cane Corso looks like. The breed was established in the FCI (World Canine Organisation) in 1996 in group 2 and received its standard in 1999, thanks to Paco, the father of our Venus dei Silvanbull. In Australia this breed has been registered as the 52nd breed in the ANKC in group 6 since 2003. The Italian Corso Dog is a medium to large sized dog with a wonderful nature: calm and gentle at home, playful, well-behaved and reliable in public, but also very protective. He is good with humans, all animals and very gentle with children, as you can see in the pictures on the following website. - Breeder of Quality Cane Corsos.

Cane Corso Puppies
Rare Breed Information Website
Cane Corso Shop
DANIA is online community which allows you upload, share and comment on photos of your Pets.
Dogs, Pets, forum, photos, pictures, cats

Share and rate photos of pets from around the world! You may also find pets advertised via adoption clinics.
pets, dogs, cats, rate, photos, pictures, cute, ugly, puppies, puppy, kittens, camera, not, share, upload, animals, cute, adore, ignore, rating, adopt, adoption, rescue, homeless, clinic, furry, hamsters, reptiles, photography

Adorable downloadable screen savers of cats and dogs for your computer or mobile phone!
cats dogs screensavers screen savers kissing
Purebred Network

For purebred animal breeders. Showcase your purebred animals and make connections or post classified ads for your purebred animals.
cats, dogs, horses, birds
Purebred Network

For purebred animal lovers and breeders. Showcase your purebred animals, make connections, and search through the classified ads or advertise on them!
cat breeders, dog breeders, bird breeders, horse breeders
Dogs and Cats in Clothes forum

A forum to share pictures of your cats and dogs wearing clothes!
Also featured are zany pet news and pet-related discussions.
pets in clothes, cats in clothes, dogs in clothes, dog clothes
Wild Dog Photography

Specialist dog sport photographer Personalised Pop Art
SINGAPORE can create personalised canvas pop art pet portraits from your photos. Our photo to pop art rendering process onto canvas will transform your pet photo into a truly magical piece of modern art for your home! We ship internationally!

pet pop art portrait, pop art prints,photos to pop art,personalised canvas,pop art artists,personalised pop art,pop art portraits,andy warhol,roy lichtenstein,pop art canvas,photos to canvas,pictures canvas,printing artwork,canvas images, takashi murakami,richard hamilton,personalized,customized pop art

Complete guide to the rare Coton de Tulear dog breed
Coton de Tulear, coton dog, coton de tulear dog, cotton dog
Dog Breed Standards

dogs, dog breeds, all dog breeds

Rare Breed Cane Corso Italiano (Italian Corso Dog) from European Bloodlines.
Great information about this rare breed: Character, Standard, History, Treatment.
Rare Breed Information Booklet available.
Quality Cane Corsos
Cane Corso Shop Rare Breed Information Booklet
Owczarek Podhalanski

Information about Owczarek Podhalanski, known also as Polish Tatra Sheepdog. Web site includes breed standard and history.
Owczarek Podhalanski, Polish Tatra Sheepdog, Polish Mountain Sheepdog, breed history, breed standard,
East European Shepherd

East European Shepherd
Kennel Chona

Information about Owczarek Podhalanski, breed standard, history, photos.
owczarek, podhalanski, polski, kennel
Book STEPs (Solutions To Environmental Problems)

Book STEPs, Ireland's holistic shop and online book service, provides solutions for living & growing, learning & working in harmony with our environment. These include a wide range of books covering animals & animal rights, animal husbandry, wildlife and nature, gardening for wildlife, petcare. All our products focus on practical solutions to day to day problems. Find our more at or visit our shop in Bantry, Co Cork.
Barking Mad

Australia's National Lobby Group for Pet Owner's Rights. Increasing access to parks, beaches, living and holiday accomodation and public transport for responsible pet owners.
lobbying, pet owner rights, legal assistance
Tuppy Dog

Worlds Most Amazing Super Dog
Animal Welfare Ridgeback Rescue native wildlife Super dog baby Tuppy friends
Pet Friendly Rentals

Searching for pet friendly rentals online just got easier!

Pet Friendly Rentals provides a NEW and easier way for Aussie pet owners to find rental properties online. Thanks to our software, you can be searching faster than ever before and increasing your chances of finding your new pet friendly home.

Too many pets are being surrendered because of the inability to find a rental in time, so give yourself the the best chance to find a home for you and your family and give Pet Friendly Rentals a go today.

rentals that allow pets, pet friendly rentals, pet rentals, renting with pets, dog friendly rentals, rentals that allow dogs
Dogs Now

Puppies and dogs for sale.
dogs, puppys, puppies for sale, dogs for sale

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