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Category: Bird > Breeders > Alexandrine Parrot (Psittacula eupatria)
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Alexandrine Parrot Breeders

Alexandrine Parrot Breeders

Alexandrine Parrot Breeders List with Contact Details. The Alexandrine Parrot comes from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Southeats Asia. It's diet consists of fruit, seeds and blossoms. In the wild it lives in forests, open woodlands and in cultivation. Conservation wise it is not under threat and is classified as of "Least Concern". Trapping pressure to cater to the demands of the pet trade have caused a drastic decline in this species. It nests in holes in large trees and lays 2 to 4 eggs. (Wikipedia 2007).

It is maily green and measures between 56 and 62 cm with a tail up to 35cm. The male's head is green with grey-blue cheeks and nape. There is a broad black neck ring and broad pink nape band. There is a brownish-red shoulder patch and the tail is yellow-tipped bluish-green. The bill is yellow-tipped red. Females and young birds lack the black neck ring and pink nape band and are duller. (Wikipedia 2007).

Alexandrine Parrot (Psittacula eupatria) (24)
business name state city zip
Birdsville - Bird is the word NSW Rosebery 2018
Margaret & Les Farrell NSW NORTH TUMBULGUM 2490
Our Aviaries NSW WALLAWALLA 2659
Outback Hand-Raised Parrots NSW Mildura - BURONGA 2739
FF Bird Haven - Over 300 parrot types NT HUMPTY DOO 0836
Mal's Birds QLD KARALEE 4306
Bankslea Aviaries QLD TOOWOOMBA 4350
Headline Aviaries QLD TOOWOOMBA 4350
Parrots in Paradise QLD GLASSHOUSE MOUNTAINS 4518
Bam Birds Alexandrine QLD MURGON 4605
Karmic Aviaries QLD MT MORGAN 4714
Racecourse Aviaries QUEENSLAND CLERMONT 4721
Alexandrines VICTORIA DROUIN 3818
winterhawk N.S.W UPPER LANSDOWNE 2430 NSW GRAFTON 2460
Shambahla Birds NSW NOWRA 2540
greg NSW COBBITTY 2570
Jindera Rural Supplies NSW JINDERA 2642
All About Birds NSW PITT TOWN 2756
parrotsgalore NSW WINDSOR 2756
Baby alexandrine QLD LOGAN/BRISBANE 4114
Nasosipi Parrots QLD DYSART 4745
Alexandrine Parrots Australia QLD MT SHERIDAN 4868
Cads Birds QUEENSLAND ESK 4312
Alexandrine Parrot (Psittacula eupatria)

Bird > Breeders & Suppliers > Alexandrine Parrot (Psittacula eupatria)

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