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Pet Career Articles

Animal Industry Resource Centre (AIRC)

The Animal Industries Resource Centre (AIRC) was established in 1997 to meet the specific training needs of veterinary nurses, pet retailers and animal carers both in Australia and overseas. A highly respected and nationally registered training organisation, the AIRC provides comprehensive and exciting training whilst delivering vast levels of knowledge in a variety of animal care applications.


Pet Personality with Shane Hancock

Growing up in suburban Brisbane, Shane managed to use every opportunity to indulge in his passion for all creatures, great and small. Today, he has gained a depth of experience with many domestic and exotic animals including our own native Australian wildlife.


Qualifications & Competence - Bringing Recognition to the Pet Industry

The changing face of the animal care industry in Australia reflects the global trend of employers, employees and animal care students across the world seeking Respect, Recognition, Reward and Responsibility for the work that they do.


Follow That Dream...

Simone Iglicki’s newfound profession is one for which the prerequisites are determination, hard work, passion and self belief.


Penny Cooper's Cool Career with Polar Bear

Penny has been working in the zoo industry for the past 13 years with a variety of animal species. For the past 3 years she has been employed by Sea World as a Polar Bear Keeper. Penny has had some amazing experiences while working in various zoos around Australia and also with Giant Pandas in America.


Pet Photography with Anthony Larinok

I have had a keen interest in photography since about grade 4 when I started photographing my puppy Cairn Terrier cross. Back then I developed film in the pantry at night with a blanket over the door and enlarged prints in a spare room that eventually became a permanent dark room. My best enlargements were mounted on cardboard cut from boxes that the paper came in.


Pet Photography with Cheryl Ridge...

Art, animals or the two combined have always been a part of my life. From as far back as I can remember I have had a creative streak and loved animals too. I was always keeping myself amused with drawing and art, animal collectibles and my pets.


Aussie Dogs Now Groomed to International Standard

The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) in conjunction with International Professional Groomers Inc recently held the first ever Master Groomers Certification course in Australia. Master Groomers Certification is the highest level of recognition that a groomer can achieve in the industry. Until now this certification has only been available to groomers in a few overseas countries.


The Pet Directory Career Article - Finding a Job!

Finding a Job - Working With Animals

There have been occasions where young people preparing to leave school and enter the work force have been asked what type of work they are seeking and the answer has generally been something like...



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