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Bringing Up Ziggy

Bringing Up Ziggy

by Andrea Campbell

"Raising a monkey is hard work. I volunteered for this. I chose to become attached to this unique monkey-child. Life before Ziggy was not as interesting. I was not as committed. This is our story." - from the introduction

Andrea Campbell has been foster mother to Ziggy since 1989, when the capuchin monkey was just five weeks old. Ziggy came to the Campbells through the Helping Hands program, a nonprofit organization that trains capuchins to assist quadriplegic individuals. Capuchins are known for their intelligence, manual dexterity, and friendly disposition - qualities that, when combined with patience and training, make for loving companions.

In recounting Ziggy's story - an amusing endering, and sometimes heart-breaking tale - Campbell shares what she has learnd about animal and human behaviour in the process. Throughout their adventures, one vital fact has remained: that Ziggy, not unlike her human brothers, will leave the Campbells to fulfill her life's role. And just as she has changed their lives, the Campbells know that Ziggy will bring immeasurable joy and assistance to someone who needs her.

From the challenges of rearing an infant monkey to the ultimate lessons about love, commitment, and sacrifice, Brining Up Ziggy is an extraordinary story that will touch the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

Andrea Campbell has studied primatology for over a decade - including her hands-on experience with Ziggy. In another field of interest, she holds a degree in criminal justice, is a Diplomate and Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners, and is the author of Rights of the Accused and Forensic Science: Evidence, Clues & Investigation. Her other books include Your Corner of the Universe: A Guide to Self-Therapy Through Journal Writing and Great Games for Great Parties. She resides in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

Cover designed by Lisa-Theresa Lenthall
Cover photos from the author's private collection

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