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Magic Tails TM

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Information & Contact Details for DDSL, Magic Tails & Purepets Grooming Products

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DDSL Products are committed to pioneering new standards for product performance.

Pet Grooming Products Wholesaler

We require that our products be as natural and environmentally friendly as possible but they must also perform to the highest standard. We have combined the knowledge of different industries to enhance our products, bringing together specialists from different arenas. Using this knowledge we have engaged prominent Australian chemists to ensure that each product meets our strict specifications. These products are all made in Australia to International GMP standards.

We manufacture the Magictails & Purepets grooming shampoos and products.

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P.O.Box 310 Clontarf Beach Qld 4019

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Magictails TM


Magictails grooming shampoos and products

The Magictails range has been designed specifically for enchancing your animals appearance.

This range is deisgned to provide high perfomance, economical and easy to use products that will give professional presentation of the mane, tail and coat.

These products can also be used in everyday grooming care of your pets.

Magic Tails Pet Products for Pet Dog Lover

NSW | ACT | QLD | WA | NT | VIC | SA | TAS

MagicTails Shine Serum MagicTails Spray Shine

This concentrated product can be easily applied to give a shiny, healthy coat or tail with long lasting professional results.

Shine Serum is a grooming aid formulated to be used on domestic and show animals to maintain their coat:

  • Gives lasting shine
  • Detangles (knot free)
  • Reduces static
  • Deep conditions
  • Long lasting results enabling pets to be combed through easily until the next wash
  • Repels dirt, dust & grime
  • Non-oily
  • Concentrated formula – only a small amount is necessary to achieve the desired result on most coats or tails.

Spray Shine is a scientifically formulated grooming aid designed for domestic and show animals to help maintain their coat.

Spray Shine can be applied to a finished style or to aid in the combing/ brushing of the coat or hair. It's great for that quick instant shine.

  • Detangles (knot free)
  • Reduces static
  • Helps repels dirt, dust & grime
  • Non oily
  • Gives instant shine
  • Helps reduced frizz
  • Concentrated formula – only a small amount is necessary to achieve the desired result on most coats or tails
MagicTails Hoof Magic

Hair Hold is a water-based formulation that has been designed to beused on dry hair or clean damp hair.

For best results comb or brush the mane, tail or coat before application. For those difficult and knotty areas spray Spray Shine, this will detangle the hair allowing the comb or brush glide through difficult areas.

  • Water based
  • Non flammable
  • Strong hold
  • No residue
  • Dries invisible

Hoof Magic has been scientifically formulated to moisturise and
nourish the skin; it contains key ingredients such as freshly squeezed Aloe Vera Juice and MSM which are beneficial to the Coronary band
of the hoof.

The Coronary band is the soft skin the hoof grows from and like our own nails regular treatment will result in strong and healthy hooves




Does your pet deserve cosmetic quality care?
Why use a product for your pet that you wouldn't use yourself?

Purepets Products

Professionally formulated PurePets shampoos, conditioners and spritzers use only the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients. Pamper your pet with sulphate and soap free products.

Your pet's coat will look and feel clean, smooth and manageable as never before.

Your pet is part of your family – the PurePets product range has been developed with this in mind.

NSW | ACT | QLD | WA | NT | VIC | SA | TAS

Concentrated formulas - Available in 5 litres

Oatmeal Shampoo PurePets Spritzer 5 litre

For a squeaky clean coat. Soap free blend of colloidal oatmeal and freshly squeezed Aloe Vera Juice. The perfect combination to manage dry skin.

Alcohol free cologne to deodorize and refresh the coat. Formulated with natural ingredients including fresh aloe vera juice, and extracts of sage, rosemary, calendula, marshmallow, lemon and citronella. Spray directly to the coat after washing. Also perfect as an in-between refresher. Ideal to use on bedding, in the car and even as a home fragrance.

4 Delectable Fragrances:

  • Coconut Ice with Rosemary and Sage extract
  • Strawberry Bomb with Marshmallow extract
  • Vanilla Spin with Chamomile extract
  • Hot Chocolate with Calendula extract
Oatmeal Conditioner

For a coat to out shine the others. A deep penetrating conditioner with colloidal oatmeal and freshly squeezed aloe vera juice. A silicone free formula to leave the coat soft and manageable with shine that lasts.
It helps to reduce static without residual build-up and is an ideal detangler.

Herbal Shampoo

Soap Free - to balance and hydrate the skin and coat. Made with natural ingredients including a blend of chamomile extract and aloe vera juice to soothe and balance all skin types and coats. Gently nourishing it cleans the coat and body without drying.

Herbal Conditioner

The perfect partner for a silky coat. Specifically formulated to complement the Herbal soap-free shampoo, this unique formula is designed to deeply moisturise and soothe even the most sensitive skin. The natural herbal extracts help to nourish the skin whilst leaving the coat tangle-free. It reduces static and made without silicone there is no concern of build-up.


MagicTails TM & Purepets TM
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MagicTails Hair Hold is a water-based formulation that has been designed to beused on dry hair

PurePets Oatmeal Shampoo & Oatmeal Conditioner, soap free & biodegradable

PurePets Whitening Shampoo & Whitening Conditioner, contain only cosmetic quality ingredients

PurePets Herbal Shampoo & Herbal Conditioner - safe to use with long term flea control products

PurePets Spritzer - Alcohol free cologne to deodorize & refresh the coat - Comes in 4 Fragrance

MagicTails Hoof Magic for moisturizing any dry skin areas in horses.

Magic Tails Shine Serum contains UV Sun Filters & a signature blend of vitamins (A, E, and C)

MagicTails Shine Serum is a grooming aid to maintain domestic & show animals coat

MagicTails Hoof Magic is a scientifically formula to moisturise & nourish for healthy hooves

MagicTails Spray Shine is a scientifically formulated grooming aid designed for shiny coat




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