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The Pet Directory is the major sponsor of animal related clubs in Australia. We would love your club to join us in The Pet Directory. Please apply now for our "Club Pack" and take our offer to your next club meeting. Clubs includes any animal related organisation including birds, reptiles, wildlife, dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, rats & mice, rabbits, ferrets, cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, and any other furry or feathered creature.
Free Pet Products
Free Dog, Cat, Bird, Aquarium, Small Animal, Farm Animal, Horse, Reptile, Wildlife Products, and Free Careers Pack!
Just fill in your details and have free pet prodcts and samples delivered to your door!

Free Discount Vouchers
Print out our free discount vouchers and get up to 20% off at pet shops, aquariums, vets, groomers, hydrobaths, pet boarding, animal training, animal produce, animal portraits, animal related courses, club memberships, animal sheds, wildlife sanctuaries, aviary centres, softwares, computing needs, and business cards.

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Decorate your desktop with free wallpapers from The Pet Directory! Six beautiful animal wallpapers are available for each animal section.

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