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Our Print Distribution

Our distribution is mainly via our stand at Pet Expos throughout Australia and via subscription from our website. It is extended through the vets, pet shops, newsagents, dog and cat clubs as well as other animal, bird and reptile clubs. We are sponsors of all Australian ANKC dog Councils’ clubs such as Dogs NSW, Dogs Victoria, Dogs QLD etc. Thus we are high on the agenda of purebred registered dog and cat breeders due to our postion as Australia’s largest sponsor of animal clubs and agricultural shows since 2003.

Pet Public: Our readers are pet owners. They are animal lovers. 95% are dog owners. Our publications and website are ‘cross pet’ which works whether the reader is a breeder or a pet owner. Dog, Cat, Horse and Bird breeders and pet bird owners also keep dogs and cats and vica versa! Everywhere our books go, they go to animal lovers. All visitors to are animal lovers. 99% of web visitors vist the Dog Section.
Vet & Pet Shop Distribution:
The Pet Public is also reached via our print publication at veterinary clinics and petshops. You would find it difficult to find a vet or pet shop that doesn’t have a copy of The Pet Directory under the counter to help their customers with finding a breeder or specialist product that they don’t stock such as pet funeral urns or snake repellers or dog wheelchairs etc
Our Print Run:
The print run is 10,000 copies of The Pet Directory book annually We also print 50,000 collector animal cards per year that we hand out at pet expos and via our mailouts to pet owners. The animal cards promote The Pet Directory and which is why our site is so busy and our book subscriptions so high. The Pet Directory is housed as part of the National Library Australia collection of which we are proud. Our 3 Annual editions of The Pet Directory are: 1. QLD, WA & NT, 2. NSW &ACT 3. VIC, SA & TAS.
We also produce the NEW Pet TRADE ONLY Pet Directory distributed only to vets & retailers.

WEB ADVERTISING - No need to wait! Immediate advertising online on ADVERTISING - No need to wait! Immediate advertising online on

Our busy online edition works all year round to bring our advertisers INSTANT advertising exposure. As soon as you take out print advertising you get immediate online advertising with full access to all the advertising features on the World’s Largest Online Pet Directory. No need to wait until a print date to get value for money and results. A minimum of 2000 unique pet lovers per day visit That is a minimum of 14,000 unique visitors per week. Most weeks it is much higher -as high as 15,000 unique visitors per week. 99% are Australian with most from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 75% are new visitors to the site so you have an ever changing audience of pet lovers to promote to.

75% are new visitors to the site so you have an ever changing audience of pet lovers to promote toPrint Distribution Outlets:

Print Distribution Geographic spread:
90% city areas 10% populated regional towns

Our Print Readership:

We estimate a + 10 people pass on rate for each copy of The Pet Directory. Conservatively we estimate that up to 100,000 pet lovers read The Pet Directory. This is a big bonus for national advertisers. Stockists of The Pet Directory book report that people read it on the shelf & take notes.

*Our Statistics:
based on our book sales at pet expos and subscriptions as well as dog, cat, other animal club sponsorship packages. Also on forms filled out at pet expos by general public.
Web: based on our Google Analytics and online forms which give us demographic information on visitors.

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