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Your bird will look forward to
a cozy Bunk to snuggle into.

These Birdie Bunks are handmade by us at Pet Homes & Accessories. These cage beds will keep your bird warm & away from cold drafts while sleeping. Birds naturally seek shelter that they can snuggle into, making them feel protected.

We have an assortment of colourful bunks with a Comfortable lining with a soft suede feel.
Durable 3mm(1/8th) thick sturdy bottom inner support keeps its shape to reassure your bird's footing and movement.
Attaches easily to perch, or roof wirers of the cage. We recommend hand washing in cold water.

Winner 2012: Katie Gilroy, Ingleburn NSW 2565
Winner 2011: Colette Miels, Hope Valley SA 5090

Winner 2010: Marthes Thompson, Greystanes NSW

Winner 2014: Bec Smith, Delaneys Creek QLD 4514


No more mess! Nor more stained clothing! Make bird keeping more hygienic. Toys keep your bird occupied while he sits on your shoulder. Great present for your pet lover friend! Very very thick single layered washable fabric. 540mm (21") or 640mm (25") across shoulders.

Winner 2010: Tina Thorpe, Silverdale NSW
Winner 2010: Cathy Kendall, Warriewood NSW


Made By Pet Homes & Accessories

Encourages exercise & relieves boredom, to help keep your bird fit & healthy! Toy's are an important part of your bird's life. In their wild enviroment bird's have natural objects to exercise & play with. This wonderful quality toy is designed to promote Health & exercise for your bird.....

Winner 2010: Corutenay Heuston, Mt Elliot NSW
Winner 2010: Jennie Adamson, Landsborough Qld


Very colourfull BirdSuit. Comes with a pack of 80 suit liners. These then can be cut in half, as the diapers are a small size. Various colours available...see below:

Winner 2010: Clare Barry, Mackay QLD
Winner 2010: Lesley Walker, Orange NSW

Bird T-Stand

Handy little stand to sit your bird on while at your desk or watching TV or cookng dinner.
The T-Stands relieves boredom and keeps your bird entertained!

Winner 2010: Sue Oconnor, Kincumber NSW
Winner 2010: Laticia Cooper, SA

Bird Harness & Leash

Now you can take your bird for a walk

Take your bird where ever you go-picnics, biking, ball games, boating, skating, and more.
Developed with an avian veterinarian, the Bird Harness prevents the tragedy of fly-a-ways without the danger of leg trace injuries. Let your feathered friend enjoy the wonder of the great outdoors along with you.The cord is 1meter long.

Great Present for Your Pet Lover Friend!

Please note the following information for consideration regarding the harness:
The harness should not be used unsupervised. If your bird is somewhat difficult to handle, this may not be suitable. Not to be used for discipline or restraint.

Winner 2011: Michelle Crawford, Dubbo NSW
Winner 2010: Jacqueline Patterson, Winton QLD

Winner 2010: Mahsa Jauam, Castle Hill NSW

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