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created by Arthur Shelley
"This witty and thought-provoking book makes ideal reading for students and management... I will be using this as a management text as well as recommending it as light reading."
-Professor Derek Walker, Graduate School of Business,
RMIT University, Melbourne Australia

Understand the Jackals, Whales, Kids and Rattlesnakes You Work Amongst.

When you think of your organisation as containing ants, bees, chameleons, and other creatures on though the alphabet, your work world becomes more manageable. Discover the secret strenghts and weaknesses of each distinct animal so that you can communicate more productively - or manipulate more cunningly. Your choice!

As you begin recognising the animal nature or your colleages, you will be learning how to:

  • Understand coworkers, bosses and employees who drive you crazy
  • Use matephors to head off conflicts and build relationships
  • Improve the atmosphere of your working environment
  • Build teams with a productive mix of behaviors
  • Influence seemingly unmanageable personality types
  • Escape from the ill-meaning predators around you
  • Assess and benefit from diversity in your organisation
  • Develop positive strategies to address disagreements
  • Have more fun with work colleages and the friends you complain
  • "A fresh approach to organisational culture development."
    -Steve Denning, Authour of A Leader's Guide TO Storytelling
    Consultant and Form KM Program Director of the World Bank

    Arthur Shelley is a scientist who has worked for 25 years in manufacturing and research. His experiences in international change projects and building virtual teamshave honed his awareness of both productive and destructive human behaviours. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Melbourne, Australia.

    "The Organisation Zoo" is published by Aslan Publishing, distributed by Bookwise International. R.R.P. $24.95. Available now in good bookstores.

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