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If you have birds, there are two handy products to keep in your avian medicine chest.

AVICYCLINE is a broad spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of bacterial enteritis and diseases caused by tetracycline sensitive organisms in ornamental caged birds.

SULPHADIM is a broad spectrum Sulfonamide antibiotic for the treatment of Coccidiosis, Enteritis, susceptible bacterial infections, and diarrhoea in ornamental caged birds.

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If your bird's behaviour is different in any way, it may be sick.

Common Symptoms of bird illness include:

  • Eating more than usual, or not eating
  • A change in surroundings
  • Being sleepy or appearing 'fluffed-up'
  • Change in droppings
  • Nasal discharge

If you suspect illness

Always keep your bird isolated & warm using a light for heat. A bed lamp is all you need. The bird will approach the light and move away depending on how much it needs.
Alternatively, the bird cage can be placed on the top of a hot water system for warmth.
Treat birds immediately at the onset of symptoms, as delays in treatment can be fatal. Seek out an Avian Veterinarian if the bird does not respond to treatment.

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