Ever wondered how people win competitions?  Would you love to win more and more pet product prizes and special offers for your pet dog, cat, bird, aquarium fish, rabbit, guinea pig, horse, reptile, goat, pig, sheep, cow, alpaca or llama!  Well here are some great pointers on becoming a regular prize winner online on The Pet Directory website.

  1. Return often to The Pet Directory competition page because there are always new pet product competitions coming online with great new prizes. 
  2. You can enter as many competitions as you wish so enter them all!
  3. Better to enter all the competitions rather than enter one lots of times.
  4. Multiple choice of prizes gives you more chance to win so look for competitions that offer more than one prize.
  5. Make sure you tick ‘yes’ to agree to the terms and conditions of the competition otherwise your competition entry form won’t count.
  6. If you think the prize is not that great then so will other people.  ENTER! You will be one of few so more chance to win!
  7. Use your correct email because you will receive notification of your win via email.  Don’t use emails you rarely check.  The Pet Directory will not hammer you with marketing emails.  In fact we rarely send emails and if we do it will be something of value and interest.
  8. Make sure you enter your full name and contact details on your competition form otherwise we can’t contact you to let you know you won! 
  9. If you move, let us know.  If you change your phone or email – let us know otherwise we can find you if you win the competition.
  10. Winners are listed on a page linked from the competition page.  Keep an eye on that to see if you have won anything.
  11. If you want to enter lots of competitions you will find that the fields in subsequent forms will automatically fill in your name and contact details etc for you to save time.
  12. If the competition has a link where you have to visit the prize giver’s website to get information for your competition form make sure you do this or your entry form will be invalid.

If you are a pet company and would like to have your products in one of our competitions please contact us today!  Click here to send a message requesting a competition.

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