About the Pet Directory
Welcome, and thank you for visiting PetDirectory.com.au - Australia's iconic pet website. As the "Who's Who" of the Pet Industry, you will find an authoritative directory of pet-related products and services for the pet industry and the pet-owning public. Let's face it, in Australia we love our pets, that's why the Pet Directory has everything your pet needs - all in one place!

What Does The Pet Directory Offer?

The Pet Directory is a guide to pet products, pets, and pet services for the entire pet industry. It is an online home for animals and everything related to them! The aim of The Pet Directory is to serve the pet industry, providing a one-stop shop, where pet owners, breeders, pet businesses, and services can connect. As Australia's largest Pet Directory, the vision to connect pet owners with pet industry businesses has been achieved - and exceeded. So, whether you're searching for your first pet, need a vet, want to advertise or sell pet related services, or anything else associated with pets - you will find it here.


Pet Directory is not just a website. Behind it is a team of Aussies who are award-winning web designers and dedicated animal lovers!

We love our community almost as much as we love our pets. We are committed to connecting animal lovers all over Australia through this amazing website.


For Pet Breeders and Businesses

As the largest pet directory in Australia, this is the place to be seen!

The Pet Directory is lightning fast, and has years of authority in the pet industry. This platform has a high domain authority, allowing you to list your business on a reputable platform that is well known to Google. This giant site gives your business a much needed boost and has everything your pet needs, all in one place!

The exposure Pet Directory offers breeders, businesses, and business owners, can increase the traffic through your door and help boost sales. Whether you are a pet shop, a grooming salon, veterinary clinic, aquarium shop, reptile specialist, or breeder - to name but a few - The Pet Directory will work for you.

It could be that you offer services to pet owners, such as boarding, dog walking, pet minding, insurance, or pet-related courses, such as dog training or grooming. Whatever your speciality, from large to small animals, being part of The Pet Directory will get you noticed.

For Pet Owners

Having a one-stop shop, where you can either find your ideal pet or cater to your pet's every need, is what the Pet Directory is all about. If you are searching for a dog groomer, vet, pet sitting service, training class, rare or exotic breed, and so much more - this is where you will locate it.

You'll find pet breeders, pet businesses and pet services for all types of pets, including:

What Will You Find Listed In The Pet Directory?

Dogs & Puppies: All you need to care for and pamper your canine friends can be found here. You'll find classified ads for the adoption or sale of dogs and puppies, registered breeders, pet sanctuaries and animal shelters. Accessories, dog walkers, grooming equipment and groomers, pet sitters, food suppliers, veterinarians, microchipping, breeders clubs, and so much more are listed.
Cats & Kittens: Furry, or non-furry, felines are catered for in abundance, from your very first kitten, to an older companion cat. You can buy or adopt cats from breeders and catteries, and find supplies and information on caring for your kitties - whether it's a pure breed or a moggy. Connect with other like-minded people via cat owners' clubs - or find a suitable pet sitting, grooming, or veterinary service.
Birds: Our feathered friends come in many shapes and sizes, from colourful exotic species, to racing pigeons, or small budgerigars. The Pet Directory lists aviaries, breeders, cages and covers, food suppliers, bird clubs, and more. Whether your preference is parrots, love birds, finches, cockatiels, conures, or any other species, this is where you find them.
Aquarium: Bring the feel of the ocean into your living room with an aquarium full of colourful marine or freshwater fish. You will find suppliers of sustainably sourced fish and corals, tanks, plants, pumps, filtration systems, heaters, lights and more in our comprehensive listings.
Small Pets: If rabbits, rats, mice, guinea pigs or ferrets are your pet of choice, you can locate them, and all you need to care for them, in the Pet Directory. Help your youngsters learn to care for creatures with an online course to accompany their pet, find a suitable enclosure for them, or a place to board them when you're on holiday.
Farm Animals: Many homes in Australia have lots of land attached, enabling you to keep farm animals as pets. So if you want a four-legged friend with a difference, you could choose a miniature goat, alpaca, or donkey, to name a few. You could even keep chickens in a coop, for a fresh egg supply at any time. Here at the Pet Directory, you will discover breeders, clubs, food suppliers, transport options, and much more.
Horses: A trusty steed or gentle mare has many needs, and you can find them at the Pet Directory. Whether it's somewhere to stable your horse, or riding lessons, a course on equine care, saddles, bedding, vets, or dentists, they're all here.
Reptiles: Reptiles and snakes are becoming a firm favourite with many Australians, and why not, when we have so many native species? Source the correct equipment to house, care for, and feed them in our many listings - or find your first or next snake, gecko, lizard, frog, bearded dragon, and more.
Australian Wildlife: Are you searching for an Australian bird or reptile for a pet? (Please note - other Australian wildlife can not be kept as pets.) Or perhaps you are looking for wildlife sanctuaries, or Australian zoos, shelters, breeders, mobile displays, or wildlife conservation groups? Then you are in the right place!
Our easy to navigate site contains a wealth of information, no matter what pet you have or are looking for. Large or small, furry or scaly, cuddly and cute, feathered or finned, we have a directory that includes something for them all. Enjoy browsing and we hope you find what you're searching for.
Pet Classifieds Australian pet classifieds for all pets, pet related services, equipment and accessories. Breeders, suppliers, and pet service providers can list their pets, products and services here. Explore our classifieds to find your perfect pet, pet accessories or pet service!
Lost and Found Pets Have you lost or found a pet? List them here to help reunite lost and found dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, with their owners.
Adopt-a-Pet This is our animal rescue page. You can find a pet that needs a home. This includes rescue animals and pets that genuinely need a new home.


Publicising your business online is more important now than ever before. Our ability to support and connect pet lovers, pet breeders, and pet businesses through a quality website is great news for you!

The Pet Directory has connected pet lovers with breeders, businesses and suppliers for almost 20 years! It is currently being updated with a brand new look, a modern responsive design and updated functionality. We are moving forward with a plan to take Australia's largest pet directory to the next level.

So jump in, take a look around, grab your listing, and get set for an exciting year of growth with The Pet Directory by your side!

Thank You - The Pet Directory Team

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