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About The Pet Directory

The Pet Directory is a guide to pet products, pets, and pet services for the entire pet industry. It is a "Yellow Pages" for animals! Use our "Finda" to find pets and all their needs online. The Pet Directory was conceived over coffee in a cosy apartment on the Gold Coast in Mermaid Beach with its founders, Adam, Kim and Jim Cooney brainstorming the original Pet Directory book. The book was a glossy, coffee table style of magazine and directory for pets, pet products and pet services and was distributed via newsagents, vets, pet shops, animal shelters and animal shows. What a success it was! Thousands of copies were printed for many years with Adam driving around Australia distributing them. Sadly Adam died of cancer soon after Jim, his father. The Pet Directory became the first online directory of its kind in 2003 and has over 30,00 indexed pages. It is Australia's most popular site to find everything for pets.
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