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Name: Lollie
Breed: Red Collared Lorriket
Age: 18 months
Sex: male
Young or Adult: young
Reason: Travelling for work
Description: Our 18 month old male DNA testing has been done red collared lorikeet Lollie needs to be rehomed. This is a regreatable sale as it is my husbands bird but he has just started travelling overseas for work and as a family we feel this is unfair on Lollie. He is a tame bird can step up perch dance kisses. He has bonded strongly with my husband so he will need a patient person who is willing to work with him to rebond with them. Lollie is not great around children as we have discovered. Lollie will come with his cage all toys cage covers and any food that we have. He is feed fresh fruit and veg every day as well as pellats Please only serious and interesed buyers to contact us.
Contact Information
Contact Name: Tracey
Mobile: 0403770598
Suburb and City: Kellyville
Post or Zip Code: 2155
State: NSW
Country: Australia
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This listing was added Tuesday 03rd of January 2017 02:03 PM
This listing was last updated Tuesday 03rd of January 2017 02:12 PM
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