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How It Works

Connect with The Pet Directory's audience of loyal and passionate pet lovers who engage with us for the best in pet breeders, products and services.

There are currently 2 ways to showcase your pet or business with The Pet Directory - Listings and Ads. You can choose one or do both!
Opportunities include:
Free Directory Listing Create a free directory listing. List a pet, product or service in a category of your choice on Australia's largest Pet Directory.
Create a Profile and Listings Our most valuable & popular option! Create your own mini website within ours and tap into our authority and highly targeted audience to boost your business.
Display Advertising Stand out to your target market. Advertise with a Visual Ad across the whole website or on relevant categories of your choice
Free Listing 1 Free Directory Listing
Get your name on The Pet Directory with a free listing in one directory sub-category.
  • Your business name
  • Short description
  • Phone
  • Suburb and State
Classic Profile Package Profile and Listings
$ 99 * /12 months (Usually $199)
*Annual subscription renews at $199
Create a main 'Profile Page', showcasing you as a breeder/ business, including:
  • Business name, logo
  • Your contact details, an instant enquiry form, and links to your website and social media pages
  • Your breed/ business description and your main offers/ products/ services
  • Up to 10 images
AND Create up to 5 'Listings', where you can promote your breed, product, or service in specific categories of the directories. Each listing includes:
  • Your contact information
  • Enquiry form
  • Details of a specific breed/ product/ service
  • Photos and a link back to your main profile
BONUS! Breeders and Businesses with an existing Profile and Listings on Pet Directory can keep all your listings for this same offer! (Up to 20 listings)
Advertise Display Advertising
Request a quote
Stand out to your target market and place your business in high-visibility positions across The Pet Directory website. We offer a range of display advertising opportunities, including:
  • Banner advertising
  • Static display ads
  • Site-wide advertising
  • Advertising in specific categories
  • Ad packages are created to suit your needs
We'll customise an integrated partnership solution to best fit your marketing goals and objectives. Get in touch with us to find out more about display ad opportunities.


Other Opportunities on The Pet Directory

Place Ads in the Classifieds Attract buyers and increase sales. List your pets, products and services for sale in our Classifieds. Unlimited ads for 12 months.
Re-Home a Pet Need to find a new home for your pet? You can list it for adoption on The Pet Directory on our popular Adopt-A-Pet page.
Classifieds Sell With Us
$ 99 * /12 months
*Annual subscription
Unlimited classifieds for your pet/product/service, each including:
  • Pet / Product / Service name
  • Short description
  • Phone
  • Location or Delivery details
  • Upload up to 3 images
  • Asking price
  • Enquiry form
Adopt-A-Pet Re-home Your Pet
$ 37
Unlimited classifieds for your pet/product/service, each including:
  • Pet's name, age, sex and photo
  • Reason for adoption and description of pet
  • Your contact details
  • Location
  • Enquiry form

Other Opportunities on The Pet Directory

Free Directory Listing:

Get your name on The Pet Directory with a free listing in one directory sub-category.

The free listing includes:
  • Your business name
  • About short description
  • Phone number
  • Location

Re-Home A Pet:

Need to find a new home for your pet? You can list it for adoption on The Pet Directory as a single classified listing.

One single classified, valid for 3 months, includes:
  • Pet's name, age, sex and photo
  • Reason for adoption and description of pet
  • Your contact details
  • Price: $37 incl. GST

Benefits of The Pet Directory

Increased Exposure Listing your pet business, products, services and pets on the The Pet Directory gives you instant access to our community and over a million visitors per year. You can't afford to miss this opportunity!
Connect With Aussie Buyers The Pet Directory instantly connects you with highly targeted Aussie buyers who are looking for Aussie pet products, pet services and pets every single day. We love our community and strive to bring them the best pet businesses in the country, make sure you are one of them!
A Team That Cares The Pet Directory isn't just another website. We have a dedicated team of Aussie's who not only love animals, but strive to connect with our community and ensure each and every business and customer is getting the most out of The Pet Directory.
Promote Your Brand Online Australia's Largest Pet Directory is the place to be seen.
Search Engine Optimised The Pet Directory is well loved by Google. Listing here gives you a strong boost in the search engines, to help your ideal customers find you.
Trusted Authority Established in 2003, the Pet Directory has a long tradition of excellence in serving the pet community, being the go-to for all things pet.
Multiple Opportunities to Connect A profile with up to 5 separate directory listings, classified ads, and banner advertising offers you the perfect suite to reach your target audience with your message.
Grow Your Online Presence Add direct links to your website, social accounts, and phone to drive more interactions.
Showcase Gallery Add up to 10 photos to showcase your pets, products or services


Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions, which should clarify any questions you have about advertising with The Pet Directory.
We aim to be totally transparent with what we offer and how our website works. If you have any further questions get in touch with our friendly team, we are only a phone call or email away.
How do I join the Pet Directory?
You can sign up to the Pet Directory by selecting a package above or by clicking on the Sign Up button at the top right hand side near the menu. Fill in your details and select the package/s that suit your business the best.
Why hasn't my profile/listing been published yet?
Once you have added your profile or create listings, the Pet Directory team will check the listing and then publish it. We do this to make sure the business profiles and listing are of a high quality, for two reasons. Firstly, it allows your profile to have the best chance at attracting customers and ranking in search engines, giving you more exposure to audiences. Secondly, it provides the Pet Directory's audience with the best information about your business. We aim to have all new profiles and listings approved within 24 hours.
Why are profiles, listings and classifieds moderated?
The Pet Directory team moderate profiles, listings and classifieds. This is to ensure all breeders and businesses are listing genuinely and within guidelines. We want to make sure all pets are being treated well and that all our users are receiving quality pets, products and services.
What should the title of my listing be?
The title of your listing should be your business name, with a subheading of what you do.
What are your guidelines for listing descriptions?
The listing description is your chance to tell the world what you do. So be specific! Let people know the benefits of your business and why they should do business with you. Once you join the Pet Directory we will make some videos and content available to you on how to write the best business description for your business.
What are your guidelines for images?
You know the saying "A picture says a thousand words." Images are a powerful way to tell your story. We have some guidelines that will help your listing shine even more with the use of well optimised images. When you join the Pet Directory we will provide you with information on our image guidelines and recommend some tools to help you prepare your images.
How do I get more people to see my listing?
Great question! This is what The Pet Directory is all about! By following our recommendations for setting up your directory listings and main profile page this will go a long way to help more people find you online. This information will be available to you when you sign up for a profile. Additionally we boost The Pet Directory with excellent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure everyone benefits from a strong online presence. Display Ads can also increase your visibility on the Pet Directory, please contact us to learn more about our display advertising opportunities.
How do I get to my dashboard/log into my account?
At the top right hand side of The Pet Directory website you can use the sign up or login buttons. This will allow you to make changes or add to your listings and profile page, or add a classified ad.
How do I make changes to a listing or classified ad?
Log into your profile using the button on the top right of Pet Directory's home page. Once logged in, navigate to your profile, listings or classifieds. You can make changes and add new classifieds for more business exposure.
Can I add more listings after I sign up?
Your Profile and Listings Package includes a Profile page and up to five (5) separate directory listings. You can add these any time. If you would like more listings you can upgrade your package. Contact us for a quote.
Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your Pet Directory subscription any time before renewal. Simply send us an email and we will set your listing as a free listing within 7 days. Please note - there are no refunds on any unused subscription if you cancel before the year is up.
How do I know when my subscriptions will renew?
The Classifieds and The Profile Packages will renew on the anniversary each year from when you joined the Pet Directory. You will receive a notice one month before your renewal date.
Will I be notified before being automatically renewed?
Yes - one month before your Pet Directory anniversary we will send you notification that your account will be automatically charged and renewed.
Is it safe to use my credit card?
The Pet Directory uses PayPal's payment system. PayPal is a secure and trusted method of payment used worldwide. Plus, The Pet Directory website is also a secure website, so your personal details will never be exposed.
Will I receive a receipt for my order?
Yes! After any payment made to the Pet Directory you will be issued a receipt you can use for tax purposes.
Can I be listed for free?
Yes, if you are a small start-up business testing the waters, a free listing might be a good start. However, if you are looking to grow your breeder or business presence online and are looking for more exposure, you will see the amazing value of a directory profile and listings package.
What if I want a Profile Package and Classifieds?
It is a great idea to have both of these, it will really enhance your presence. Simple purchase both options, The Profile Package AND a Classifieds package.
Can I have a Profile and Classifieds and Display Advertising?
Absolutely! This is a great way to increase your visibility to the search engines and to The Pet Directory visitors! Please contact us to discuss your needs, and we can help tailor the perfect package for your business.
How do I renew my profile or listing?
Pet Directory profile packages, including listings are placed on an annual auto renew so you don't have to worry about forgetting to rejoin. You can keep your business running with peace of mind.

The Pet Directory is here to help your business grow and reach its full online potential

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