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Woody is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog cross like most herding dogs he wants to be a part of the family thus your pack. He prefers not to be left outside when his pack is inside. He is extremely affectionate sookie loyal and loving but he is a puppy so needs the training and continued socialisation all pups need. He is an extremely smart dog and like all dogs needs to be exercised daily. Due to his intelligence he should do well at obedience herding scenting and tracking or just lazing around with you. He is a very naughty lovable mischievous young dog so is good with kids who are at least school age. He would make a wonderful family dog provided he gets the training he needs. He is desexed immunised microchipped and have had regular parasite and flea treatments.

City: Eatonsville NSW
State: NSW
Zip: 2460
Country: Australia
Breed: Catahoula
Color: brindle and white
Age: 30 years, 3 months, 6 days
Sex: male - desexed

Pet Directory Member Number: #8115

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