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Jessie and Freya were rescued from Hawkesbury Animal Shelter in Richmond near Sydney. Although these two were surrendered together and they are siblings they do not need to be adopted together. They were living together but they are now living separately. Jessie is now living in our top yard while Freya is living in the house yard. Both these dogs would make a wonderful companion dogs as they need to be with someone that is home a lot and able to sleep inside. Like most Belgians they love to be with people seems to be very good with kids. Each of them is obedient comes when called sits stays etc. They are fine with other dogs especially those with the similar energy level as they have. Jessie would be excellent at any of the dogs sports such as Rally-O fly ball and Agility. Both would be excellent at herding and tracking. Belgian Shepherds especially the Malinois are extremely intelligent and are very different from the average dog. They are determined and observant with strong protective and territorial instincts. They have to be socialized well to prevent them from becoming too shy or sensitive. The Belgian Malinois needs an experienced master who is firm but not heavy handed. If you are harsh or overbearing they will become uncooperative and anxious. Owners need to display a confident natural authority over the dog. Consistent rules must be set and made clear. This breed is instinctively protective so it should be trained and keep mentally active or they will become naughty and hard to manage. These are very special dogs that need very special owners.

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)
City: Eatonsville NSW
State: NSW
Zip: 2460
Country: Australia
Color: brindle
Age: 2 years, 10 months, 17 days
Sex: female - desexed

Pet Directory Member Number: #8115

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