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Charlotte Bird Fashion Diaper

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Charlotte Bird Fashion Diaper Charlotte Bird Fashion Diaper Charlotte Bird Fashion Diaper


Price: from $26.80
City: Eight Mile Plains
State: QLD
Zip: 4113
Country: Australia


Fashion Bird Diaper

Pricing for retail
Small $26.80
Medium $28.80
Large $30.80

My name is Charlotte and my mum make me diaper so I can play outside with her and the rest of the family without accidently pooing everywhere especially in her kids toys (^-^). She made this herself to make sure everything right. This is no second item that she buy from manufacturer or suppliers. Other sell it expensive perhaps due to buying from suppliers instead of making it themselves , so the price is a bit expensive.
RRP for Small to Large size around $39.95 to $ 59.95 + 6.90 Shipping & Handling.

The quality with our is no different - we use great material that you can wash many times but the color still stay the same over years; water proof on the bottom to make sure there is no embarassement of leaking like when lady having PMS we do not want leaking on our cloth -which is the same situation with bird.

Great item to have!
How does this work?
Your bird wears a light weighted suit that has a little padding in it to catchthe poop while out of its cage. There is no mess around your home..pad isremovable and replaced with new one.

Convenient it is to have more than oneor two cloth to change into. Train you bird that he/she wears the clothingevery time time he/she comes out of the cage and you will have less mess andclean-up plus a very socialized bird who is welcomed by all.

Products Features:

  • Does not inhibit preening, movement, orflight.
  • Easy on & off, Breathable, easyclean fabric.
  • Use over and over for years.
  • Keeps droppings away from birds andyou.
  • Allows feathered friends out of cagesboth in and out of the house.
  • The cloth is a soft, stretchy,reusable diaper system for your parrot, made of fabric that is breathable andeasy to clean.
  • Worry-free from messy poop-relatedaccidents.
  • No more “funny stains” down the backof your clothes, or poop to clean off the furniture and floors.

Small Size Birds: Green Cheek COnure, Crimson Bellied Conures, Black Cap COnure, Maroon Bellied Conures, Jenday Conures, Sun Conures, Small Lories, Quaker, Cocktiels, Similar Small Size Birds.

Medium Size Birds: Quaker, Indian Ringneck, Rainbow Lorikeet, Caique, Medium Lories, Similar Medium Size Birds
Large Size Birds: Alexandrian, Galah, Conure Blue Crown, Conure Mitered, Dove Ringneck, Jardine, Lorie Rainbow, Macaw Red Headed, Paraleet Moustache, Similar Large Size Birds
What you get on the pack:

  1. Bird Fashion Diaper
  2. 10 Pcs Flight Liner
  3. Bird Lead

Bird Diaper are adjustable material - can be adjust according to the bird's body.

Wholesale Welcome

Pet Directory Member Number: #14074
Category Name: Accessories & Products
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