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Scooter with Nitro - Male and Female - Clarence Valley NSW - Rabbits - (sm) Netherland Dwarf

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Scooter with Nitro - Male and Female - Clarence Valley NSW


Price: 365
Breed: Rabbits - (sm) Netherland Dwarf
City: Clarence Valley North Coast
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Age: 1-2 years
Sex: Male
Website: https//


Nitro and Scooter are beautiful bunnies they have lived together for a long time. They love each others company and also enjoy a little alone time every now and then. They dont like to be handled too much but they enjoy knowing your around. Every now and then Nitro enjoys a nose rub but scooter doesnt and he will let you know gently with a grumble or a small snap. Our bunnies are house trained microchipped parasite treated vet health checked desexed vaccinated lifetime return guarantee I need a diet of 2-3 hays Oxbow pellets hand cut grass fresh mint
Pet Directory Member Number: #9984
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