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Spotless and Spot - Female - Sydney City and Inner South

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Spotless and Spot - Female - Sydney City and Inner South


Price: 365
City: Sydney - City and Inner South
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Breed: Rabbit - Mixed Breed
Age: 7-12 months
Sex: Female
Website: https//


They are French Dwarf breed of rabbits both white with black mascara like rings around their eyes. Very active and enjoy the company of people. One is called Spot and the other Spotless. Spotless is definitely the dominant one. But they both love each others company and they love kitchen scraps. They love running around but also enjoy chilling out. Will probably suit someone who can give them space to run around and can spend lots of time with them. After they get to know you and are relaxed they love to sit on your lap and get head scratches. Our bunnies are house trained microchipped parasite treated vet health checked desexed vaccinated lifetime return guarantee I need a diet of 2-3 hays Oxbow pellets hand cut grass fresh mint
Pet Directory Member Number: #9984
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