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Tiny Tim Benji - Male - Newcastle NSW - Rabbits - (sm) Mini Lop

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Tiny Tim Benji - Male - Newcastle NSW


Price: 265
Breed: Rabbits - (sm) Mini Lop
City: Newcastle Lake Macquarie
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Age: 3-4 years
Sex: Male
Website: https//


Benji was bonded to another rabbit for 2 years she passed away last month. He has been adjusting well he does binkys and flops all the time. When we adopted him he was underweight but now he is at a good weight. There was a period where he started to get a little overweight but I reevaluated his diet and got his weight under control. He lives inside most of the time and I occasionally let him outside supervised and he loves it. His favourite foods are dried berries and carrots. He is super friendly and doesnt shy away when I go to pt him or pick him up. He is pretty good with new people. He loves his tunnel and cardboard houses. His favourite meal of the day is his pellets Benji will do zoomies and binkys when I pick up his pellet bowl. Our bunnies are house trained microchipped parasite treated vet health checked desexed vaccinated lifetime return guarantee I need a diet of 2-3 hays Oxbow pellets hand cut grass fresh mint
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