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The Pet Directory - Siberian Huskies Dog Breed
Featured Siberian Huskie Breeder: Arcticaurora Siberian Huskies Ph 07 3803 5439
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The Siberian Husky is an excellent companion dog, as this is primarily what the Chukchii Indian tribe of Siberia originally breed the animals for. They were also a multi purpose animal used for sledding / pack animals to carry moderate loads from one location to another as the tribe was a nomadic race (during the 17th Century), and for warmth in colder times. As they are a companion they do not make guard dogs but may put people off by their appearance, they are generally too friendly to be of any defence against an intruder.

The Pet Directory - Arctivaurora Siberian Huskies
Photo supplied by: Arcticaurora Siberian Huskies

The “Sibe” (Siberian Husky’s common name) is a moderate animal designed to carry moderate loads over a long distance at a modest speed (lope). Their general appearance is pleasant to the eye and do come in a variety of colours ranging from pure white to shades of grey and silver to black white and various shades of reds and browns and also encompassing piebalds. This breed is a relatively quite breed and do not have a tendency to be vocal when they generally communicate it is more of a talk or howl, but some dogs have been know to pick up barking habit’s from other dogs.

The Pet Directory - Arctivaurora Siberian Huskies
Photo supplied by: Arcticaurora Siberian Huskies

Sibe’s can be difficulty to train or most people believe this to be the case this is fact wrong. The breed does tend to be too smart for their own good. They are a breed that is quick to learn but dislike repetition. This breed has been shown to be an all round breed as they have been trained in agility / showing confirmation / obedience / sledding and as pack animals. They can be a breed that has as were refer to a selective hearing when it comes to taking the breed off a lead as their speed far surpasses the average speed of normal human, at a ratio of about 4 to 1 and the major point is they have the endurance to match that speed.

They do mix very well with other breeds of dogs and have been know to co-habbit quite well with both cats and birds as long as the relationship is a mutual one and in most cases need to be raised along side one another. They are a breed that is good with children and have a high level of enthusiasm and energy to match.

The Pet Directory - Mikulov Siberian Huskies
Photo supplied by: Mikulov Siberian Huskies

The breed can exist and acclimatise just to cold environments just as well as hot. To accommodate this, the breed will increase or reduce the thickness of the coat (we should never clip this breed as you will change the coat). They can live in climates from temperatures as low as -60 to the high 50’s with out any difficulty.

The breed can be a little fussy with food if you allow them to be they should have a regimented amount of time to eat and should not have food left down so that they can browse as they please. A raw meat diet with a combination of fresh fruit and vegetables dry food and fish and bones regularly covers the spectrum of the platter for the Sibe without giving to much change.

The breeds coat is odourless (unless they roll in something smelly which they like to do on occasion) is relatively easy to maintain. It is a double coat which has an undercoat of soft dense hair and an outer guard coat which is slightly longer. The coat of the Sibe should not be too long as to loose the outline of the animal (approximately 3 inches from base to end). When the breed does shed which is about twice a year on an adult the hair loss can be quite significant and can take between 3 to 6 weeks for it all to come out if left un-attended.

The Pet Directory - Arctivaurora Siberian Huskies
Photo supplied by: Arcticaurora Siberian Huskies

The breed is generally a hardy breed and if well bred will be problem free. They are a breed that is quite physical at play which can sometimes lead to injury’s. Sibe’s do like to dig holes mostly when it is raining (but have a likeness to cats is they are dirty they shall preen them selves to become clean again). Some Sibe’s if left un attended or alone for long periods of time can source the attention they require from alternative mediums, such as items of clothing left laying around become play toys. If they are lonely they may elect to dig out and find friends elsewhere whether that be human or animal.

When it comes to housebreaking you will have some success and some failure along the way but persistence will win through in the end.

The Siberian Husky is come from the Canis Familiaris Intermedius but is more often than not confused as being a direct descendant of the wolf (Canis Lupis). They display many traits that are similar to the wolf and this is where the confusion arises. We are asked often if they are bred with wolves, which is in fact a misnomer in recent history but was know to have occurred periodically between 3500 BC and 2000 BC.

The Pet Directory - Arcticpalace Siberian Huskies
Photo supplied by: Arcticpalace

The breed’s progression into Australia originated approximately 35 years ago with bloodlines from the United Kingdom and the United States. The breed first came to prominence back in 1908 when a Russian trader (Goosak) imported a team of Siberian Huskies to compete in a race from Nome to Condle a round trip course of 408 miles which was known as the “All Alaska Sweepstakes” the team was driven by Louis Thustrup a leading sled driver of his time, the team came a confident third place in the first race in which they competed. Then the breed was further recognised for assisting in saving the town of Nome in Alaska 1925 which was suffering from the Diptheria plague and serum had to be carried over 655 miles and the feat was completed in only five and half days through blizzards and howling snow storms.

The Pet Directory - Arctivaurora Siberian Huskies
Photo supplied by: Arcticaurora Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies in the movies

Sibe’s have been portrayed in many movies over the years mostly in portrayal of the feast I saving the town of Nome they created a move called “Balto” the dogs were also featured in movies back in the 50’s such as Call of the wild. More recently there have been several movies such as “Snow Dogs” and “Eight Below” portraying the breed mostly in a positive vane.

Siberian Huskies do enjoy various sports which range from Agility as this is always varying to keep an active mind on the move. Sledding socially and in competition providing the correct training and equipment are used can be enjoyed by both animal and owner (remember not to start a growing animal to early as body’s need to finish growing before being thrust into this sport). I have seen the odd Siberian try other sports such as lure coursing / fly ball but to name a few.

Siberian Huskie Breed Description supplied by Anne Reardon.
Arcticaurora Siberian Huskies Park Ridge QLD 4125. Ph & Fax. 07 3803 5439



Featured Siberian Huskie Breeder: Arcticaurora Siberian Huskies
The Pet Directory - Arctivaurora Siberian Huskies

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