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The Pet Directory - Dog Articles -Buyer Beware

As published in The Pet Directory QLD Edition

If you are looking to own a loving Amstaff make sure that is what you are buying.

Owner Janine & Greg Ireland of Blueskystafs Kennels

In Queensland, Pitbulls are a restricted breed and penalties for breeding, selling, advertising or otherwise acquiring them are up to $22,500 per offence. So they are often advertised as Amstaffs. (Pitbulls have to be desexed, muzzled in public, owner must be over 18 years of age and also have to cage their Pitbulls when not on a leash. Some irresponsible Pitbull owners get around the law and advertise their Pitbulls as Red Nose Amstaffs, or just Amstaffs.

Only buy your Amstaff pup from a reputable breeder registered with Canine Control Council of QLD (CCCQ) or other state canine council. There are only a handful of Amstaff breeders in QLD and most know each other through the conformation (show) ring. The CCCQ can give you breeder contacts if you ring them or check out their websites. Check with the Qld Amstaff Club website for a list of reputable breeders.

Owner Stephanie and Mark Johansson of Towilla Kennels

All reputable Amstaff breeders will show both the parents, their Amstaffs registration papers and their breeders certificate. They will also ensure your new addition to your family is registered with their State Canine Council and are microchipped with a National Database just in case you Amstaff become lost. Purebred Amstaffs should only be sold with ANKC (Australian National Kennel Control) Registration papers issued by your States Canine controlling body. There are two types of papers available - Main Register and Limited Register. These have the ANKC stamp on the bottom right hand corner.

The Main Register enables a dog to be shown at conformation shows and to be bred only to another dog of the same breed on a Main Register. By breeding with main papered dogs is the only way you will get the registration of your puppies. All reputable breeders will register their pups, more than likely before you even get to see them. If not soon there after. A reputable breeder must register each and every puppy with the canine state control councils within specific time limitations. In QLD it is up to 12 months.

Owner Stephanie and Mark Johansson of Towilla Kennels

The Limited Register is for dogs being sold as a pet - ie; not to be shown or bred from. Many breeders selling a puppy as a pet on Limited register will ask that it be desexed. Some will also offer a small refund on proof of desexing. Limited Papers CAN be upgraded to the Main Register (within 18 months is usual) on agreement between the Breeder and the buyer. (Usually only if the breeder agrees that pup has grown into what they would consider a show quality dog or has something special to offer the breed if bred.)

If you, as a buyer, DO breed from a dog with Limited Registration, the resulting progeny CANNOT be registered with any Canine body as a pure bred dog. There is a possibility local shire councils will mistake your loving unpapered Amstaff as a Pitbull Terrier. You will need to show actual proof than the puppy or dog in question is a purebred Amstaff. If not then the councils have the power to euthanise your loving companion. You will have a hell of a fight on your hands to get your dog back without official papers. Only Amstaffs with recognised papers will be saved from euthanasia if found wandering and picked up by the council.

Owner Stephanie and Mark Johansson of Towilla Kennels

If you are looking to purchase an Amstaff pup, whether as a companion, obedience or show prospect, please ask your breeder to provide proof of both parent’s registration as a purebred Amstaffs - if they can not do so, or are unwilling until you cough up your money and sign contracts, then you are probably NOT getting an Amstaff. In such a situation, contact other reputable breeders and ask for their advice, even if they don’t currently have puppies at that time.

If you are unsure please contact either the governing Canine Association in your State or a member of an Amstaff Club in your State, (There are now Amstaff Clubs in - Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland). Click here to visit the Amstaff Club Qld

Troy Laboratories
A Gentle Clip

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