The Pet Directory Cat Articles - The Arrival of The Siberian Cat

As published in The Pet Directory NSW& ACT Edition
By Marie Mahoney
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My first introduction to this magnificent cat was via Russian judge Yanina Melnikova that was visiting our country in July 2001. Whilst sharing a meal with her she showed us some photographs depicting how shows were done in her country and amongst her photos she proceeded to show me several photos of the most beautiful Siberian’s, and that was it I was hooked the more I looked at them the more I was impressed, I don’t think I had ever seen anything so pretty. We discussed the breed for quite a while and I have to admit I was so impressed to learn that this was a strong healthy breed that appears to have no known genetic problems that we see in some of the other breeds.

So off I went to the web to try to find out where I could get a Siberian but to my dismay we were not even allowed to import from the originating country of Russia.  Australia does not allow any imports from Russia. We have no provision to import from there into Australia to date. So I then turned to the United States and Europe I was so impressed with the cats I saw on different sites in the U.S. that I decided that this was where I would go. To import to here from the U.S. the procedure is long 150 days quarantine in the country of birth, and then another 30 days once they arrive here.

Along the way to trying to find my new cats I came across several breeders who were of great assistance to me and ended up accepting an offer of a beautiful black silver tabby male who we have named Sibano Czar of the Rings.
 The next Siberian breeder I was to meet was Judy Chappetta, who happened to be here judging at a show in our country.  I arranged to meet with her when we went to the U.S. in July 2002. Whilst there we found a tortie/tabby Van who we called Cooncreole Veronika and this was to be my first mate for Sibano Czar of the Rings.

Being a new breed into our country I realised that I needed a gene pool as quickly as possible. Next came Katusha Black of Sibano (Tink). We have had successful litters and two of the babies Miakoschka Sylvstr and Miakoschka Silva Star are leaving our shores to live with breeders in Sweden in December 2003. In June 2004 we will see two new additions to our Siberian family with the arrival of Windrifter Samson and also Sibano Zena Warrior Princess.

I know that we will look forward to promoting this wonderful breed in Australia. The Siberian breed has been recognised here this year with our cat control bodies and are able to compete for full title status. I know that the Siberian cat will put its paw print up there with the rest of the breeds we now see here in our country.

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