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As published in The Pet Directory NSW& ACT Edition
By Marie Mahoney
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Did you know that you could show your pet cat in a regular cat show and win awards prizes and titles for your pet??

Cat showing can be a fun hobby and many breeders of the pedigreed cats began in this way. There is also a section that allows for purebred cats without registration papers to be shown as well. They do not compete in the same section as the registered pedigreed pure breeds but in a separate section of the domestic ring. All pets must be desexed by 6 months of age and fully vaccinated.

Shows are held in Brisbane on most weekends and your pet cat can be entered into by the public, for more information on this procedure you can contact one of the registration bodies and they will have people that will explain to you the necessary steps that you need to take.

To show a domestic non-pedigreed cat all that is required is to see is that your pet is healthy the coat is clean and free of fleas and likes to be handled. So we are looking for a good-tempered pet. You will need a good pet carrier and curtains for display purposes, and also some food and water for your pet for the day.

It is a good idea to start this off with young cats as they adapt to this more easily. But if you have an older more laid back pet you may also be able to come along. It is a good idea to take a look at a show before entering into one so you have some understanding of the concept of what is done on the day.

You will find a show calender in this issue and there are contacts numbers for a date that will fit in with your plans. All enquires are welcome.

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