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Article supplied by Katina Balson
(owner of “Pussies Galore” – Paddington)
As published in The Pet Directory QLD, NT & WA Edition

“Would you re-home your children?” That may seem a shocking question to ask someone but it is just what is asked of them by Katina Balson from her cat rescue shop at Paddington in Brisbane.

A lot more goes on at Pussies Galore than meets the eye. The tiny shop is stuffed full of all things ‘cat themed’, from cat themed jewellery, home wares, toys and knick-knacks. You may find a live cat or two draped across the counter or a basket of unweened kittens waiting to be bottle fed in between customers. You see Pussies Galore is also an animal rescue.

Katina Balson has a driving passion for animals (especially cats). She spends an exhausting amount of time and all of her and the shops resources are generously given to the rescue. Katina mainly handles cats and homes them through the shop but she also supports a shelter with other animals and does wildlife rescue.
There are never enough hours in a day and never enough money to cover the never-ending expenses of veterinary needs and food. Sadly, pets seem to be so disposable these days. Some people don’t realise that when they acquire an irresistible fluffy bundle that it may be a 20 year commitment. When they move or change their lives they often just dispose of their animals. Responsible people attempt to find new homes for their pets, but in reality it is very hard to re-home adult pets.

Katina’s message is to make people understand that their cat believes it is part of their family and wouldn’t give them up for anything. She just wants cat owners to feel the same way.

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