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Cat Bed Dilemma
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Article supplied by by Mary Anne Miller
As published in The Pet Directory VIC, SA & TAS Edition

Our cats don’t see the need for cat beds. As far as they’re concern they have one. It’s our bed! As much as I love our cats, sleeping gets a bit difficult at times. Once you have twelve cats and two adults on a king-size bed, movement becomes challenging.

Cat Bed Dilemmas

Flipping over on your side motivates one cat to lie on your hip. Turning your head on the pillow becomes a strain, when one cat is sleeping across your neck while another purrs near your cheek.

So, I decided to purchase cat beds. I found more than my fair share of companies selling cat beds on the Internet. I wondered what attraction our bed held for our cats. Could it be our body heat? Heated cat beds, they were successful in the winter, but abandoned in the summer even when unplugged.

We lined the bedroom floor with cat beds. This worked for awhile, but it became hazardous for us to navigate at night. If we didn’t have a flashlight to help us find a clear path, we would inadvertently step on a cat’s paw or tail, or worse on a hairball... ewww!

Next, we renovated a bookcase into a cat bed. The shelves were lined with carpet. Holes were cut in the dividers so the cats could pass from one shelf to the next. The cats love this! We still have feline company on the bed but that’s okay with me. If I have a cat purring in my ear, I am not so bothered by my husband’s snores.

At times, his snore is muffled by the furry belly of a cat stretched on his neck draped across his mouth. Between you and me (as loud as my husband snores) that cat has chosen the best cat bed in the house! My advise is for people who’s cat love their beds is to try a range of different styles of cat bed until you strike the one that suits your cat best!

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