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Retiring with Your Cat

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It goes without saying that many people contemplating a lifestyle change to a retirement or lifestyle village want to be able to take their cat with them.

Retired Couples with their cat

Cats make ideal pets for older people because they are not physically demanding, they provide unconditional love, companionship and comfort and often are the perfect anecdote to loneliness for many older people.

Recently, a retirement village in Gippsland in Victoria, organized the installation of two display cat enclosures from Australia’s leading manufacturer to show prospective residents how easy it will be for them to keep their cat with them when they move in.

No longer will there be the danger of their cat roaming away, being hurt or run over. Any concerns or complaints from other village residents about “uninvited guests” in their garden will vanish and the local bird and native wildlife in the village surrounds will be safe. It is a ‘win win’ situation for everyone - including the cat!

For information on retiring with your cat and how it has worked for others you can contact Jennie Douglas (03) 9880 6000 (retirement village) or Wendy Moss (03) 5358 4555 (cat enclosures).

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