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November 2008
Australian Capital Territory


Very interesting news from the RSPCA in the ACT.

-Santa Paws and how he can help homeless animals
-Judge giving tough sentence for cruelty to pet ferrets
-Pets’ Party at the shelter: learn to teach your dog tricks
-Sponsor a kennel or cat house with your name on it in gold!


Rainbow Lorikeet

From the Desk of the CEO
Hello and welcome to another edition of our electronic newsletter. RSPCA is heading into our busiest time of the year, a time when we call on our supporters for that little bit extra. We hold the lives of so many animals in our hands every day of the year, and in summer time our hands are full. Our future is in your hands and your ongoing generous support means that our future is bright. There is so much you can do to support RSPCA, from buying your pet food from us to joining as a member and making a real life long commitment to RSPCA.

As a like minded animal lover I know you know how hard we work and how much we love what we do. The current economic climate is affecting us all in a variety of ways. Our staff, paid and unpaid, are coming up with new, innovative and inexpensive ways to meet the increased demand being placed on us by the current climate and I am pleased and proud to say we are meeting every challenge thrown at us, but it is hard, and we need your support now more than ever.

Summer is an exciting time as well, read on to find out more about some of our events coming up, or simply pop in to say hi to our team and pick up something from our shop. Our new season clothing and hats look fantastic, as do our 2009 calendars and diaries. We also have a range of toys, gifts and treats for both you and your pets. We would also like your thoughts about new stock - please click here to complete a short survey.

Michael Linke
Chief Executive Officer

In the News…
RSPCA ACT welcomed the recent sentencing of two men convicted of animal cruelty to ten months imprisonment, with a five year non-parole period. This case involved the torture and killing of two pet ferrets and we were all pleased to see the judicial system responding with prison time rather than a fine. The cycle of violence from animal cruelty to serious crimes against people is well documented and we continue to lobby the government to work with us on preventative programs for youth at risk.

Christmas for all creatures

Christmas Card

Christmas is coming so why not prepare, celebrate and support RSPCA ACT all at the same time! Presents, food, trees – we have it all at our shop in Weston at the RSPCA Shelter!

We have various Christmas cards available – some even designed by Peter Alexander! Retailing between $5 to $10, make sure people know who you support when you send your Christmas greetings this year.

Christmas Card

If you can’t drop into the Shelter in Weston, head to either of the combined charities Christmas Card Shops in Tuggeranong (near the Good Guys) or Civic (near Canberra Theatre, 2nd floor Multicultural Building).

Christmas Trees become available at our shelter on 6 December! They are always extremely popular so make sure you get in early!


Santa Dog

Have you booked in for
Santa Paws this year?

Christmas is approaching so it is now the time to book in for Santa Paws!
As always, Santa Paws is developing, and this year we have introduced some new merchandise and a new location! We are also excited to announce a new partnership with Melynda McDonald from Petroglyph Photography.

Santa Paws launches on 15 November at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome. On 22 November it is a feature at the Pets Party here at the Shelter. On the 29 November we head to Gold Creek for the first time for a session at Federation Square, and then on the 6 December everything wraps up here at the Shelter.

Places are booking our fast, so be sure to get in soon to secure your pets photo with Santa! Contact Tania on 6287 8110 or


An afternoon in the sun...
RSPCA ACT’s Pets Party

RSPCA ACT is again preparing to play host to the annual Pets Party: a fun afternoon for all people and animals involved. Come on down to the Shelter on the 22 November from 3 – 6pm and get involved in a variety of games, visit market stalls and enjoy an assortment of food!

Join our Behavioural Training team for fun and games for both you and your pooch – get in the groove for musical chairs or battle your way through bouncer’s backyard. They will also be available to help you teach your pooch a trick or too.

Whilst the kids and animals are entertained, why not head to the carpark for a glass of wine and some cheese and biscuits, all whilst listening to Blue4, a jazz band who are entertaining us for the afternoon. You can then indulge in some berries, donuts or a good old packet of chips.

Feature Pet…

 Honey need a home...
Have you met Honey? Honey is a beautiful, elegant greyhound in need of a home. Greyhounds are actually very happy leading a life of leisure, so don’t be put off by the myth that they require a great deal of exercise. Honey has been with us for a while and all staff who know her agree she deserves a home where she can love and be loved. Can you help Honey to find a home?

Become a member and access savings and offers in our Pet Adoption Centre which features a wide range of pet supplies and giftware.



It’s snake season, and snakes are living creatures with a right to live their lives in peace and in their own habitat.  If you see a snake, the best thing to do is simply avoid it and move on from the area.  If your dog or cat comes across a snake and is bitten, the outcome can be deadly, so please seek urgent veterinary advice.  It is important to note the type of snake so the vet can treat your animal appropriately.  Again, keeping your pets away from areas where snakes live is the best way to avoid tragedy.

Halloween at RSPCA ACT

On 31 October, RSPCA ACT held a Halloween night for Pawprints members. Over 30 ghosts, vampires and fairies took over the Pet Adoption Centre braving the ‘scary room’, creating masks and playing various games.

It was a fun night for all involved – Stay tuned for more upcoming events for Pawprints members! Any questions or if you are interested in joining our Pawprints club please contact Jess.

Have you ever thought of sponsoring a kennel?

RSPCA ACT receives over 7,000 unwanted, neglected and abused animals every year. To help offset the cost of caring for such a large number of animals, we offer individuals the chance to become a sponsor of either one of our dog kennels or a cat house in our cattery. Each enclosure can be sponsored for the life of the enclosure or on a year to year basis.

Sponsorship helps pay for all daily maintenance including cleaning and replacement of bedding material and toys. A silver plaque (or gold for lifetime sponsorship) will be fixed to the kennel or cat enclosure to signify your sponsorship and to recognize your valuable contribution.

Sponsorship would also make a memorable Christmas gift for that family member who has everything. An annual silver sponsorship is $385 (including GST) and a permanent gold membership is $3,300 (including GST).

For further information please email Tammy Foley or call 6287 8109.

Meet our Pet Adoption Centre Team!


Do you often visit us at the shelter here in Weston? Have you ever lost or found an animal? Are you proud to say you buy all your food and toys from RSPCA? Chances are you have met one of the lovely people at the front desk!

An average day for the Pet Adoption Centre (PAC) staff is busy busy busy! It all starts with our drop off kennels – maybe someone found a dog overnight or there are stray kittens wanting another chance. These animals are processed straight away ensuring they are happy and healthy – whether they are here to stay or if we are looking for their mum or dad. The shop then opens for people to buy food and items, and phones start ringing off the hook!


People arrive to view animals, and after an adoption or two, more phone calls, and a stray cat that is brought in, they rotate between breaks. In the afternoon, in between customers and phones calls, the shelves are re-stocked and a dog is re-united with its mum. Special orders are made and paperwork is completed: there is always a constant stream of things to do! Just before home time, Domestic Animal Services arrive to drop off 3 puppies. The PAC staff then prepares to start all over again the next day, and happily chat about all the animals they have helped during the course of the day!


The PAC team deals with everything and anything here at the shelter – so next time you call with an enquiry or to buy some food, stop and say hi and let them know what a great job you think they’re doing!

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