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Pet Shops benefitting from economic downturn this Christmas

Pet Shops benefitting from economic downturn this Christmas

December 2008

Pet Shops benefitting from economic downturn this ChristmasTurners Pet Mart this morning reporting record Christmas sales.  “They are buying everything!” says Allen Turner owner of the Glendenning store as he took a short break from trying to catch a King Quail that had decided to explore the store during the night.  Sales this year will exceed last year’s as pet owners stock up for the holidays.

John from Australian Rural & Vet Supplies in Tuggerah NSW told us that his customers are focussing on the essentials like food but also buying collars, toys etc. but not going for the Christmas ‘gimmicks’ such as pet Christmas stockings for under the tree.  They seem to prefer picking out their pet’s needs themselves rather than the ‘surprise’ packs from the manufacturers.  John puts this down to tough economic times and people spending on what they feel they ‘need’ for their pets more than on the ‘frills’.

Australians traditionally put everything on hold and focus on buying up big for Christmas and with the rapid growth in the 4.62 billion dollar pet industry this now means big sales for pet related business.  Man’s best friend is turning into “Man’s best money maker”.

People are travelling with their pets more than ever before and becoming more demanding in their requirements for pet friendly accommodation, not wanting to be stuck in ‘out the back’ rooms with their pets but wanting top class accommodation with their dogs, cats, birds or other pets.  Pets are regarded by many these days as furry, feathery, or scaly children.

In the bird department, Crest Seeds, Rhonda Ansen reports that pet bird buyers should beware of cheap seeds on supermarket shelves and advises them to seek out the high quality seed mixes from pet shops if they care about their bird’s health and long term well being.  It is well known that birds should be given a well balanced mix from the 12 to 15 seed types available in Australia with added fresh vegetables and fruits.  Pellets such as Vetafarm added to the mix give birds protein and vitamins as well as variety which they love.

For those that have too many pets to take or perhaps holidays that are not suitable for their animals, there are pet minding centres and dog and cat boarding or pet minders that can not only feed, water and play with your pets but also tend to your house and check its security.

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