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The Pet Directory has a library of hundreds of articles and fact sheets with information on all the small pets that can be legally kept in Australia.  Queensland is the only state that does not allow pets that other states allow. 
In Queensland you cannot keep a pet rabbit, carp or ferret.  Below you will find a selection of some of our wonderful articles on rabbits, guinea pigs or cavies, hermit crabs, ferrets, fancy rats and mice.  You can use the little navigation bar above to quickly get to the animal species you are interested in reading about.  These articles contain important information on a wide range of pet care including nutrition and environment, illness and pet selection.  If you are thinking of adding a small pet to your family then these educational fact sheets will be most useful and interesting to you.

Hermit Crab Information
Caring For Your Hermit Crabs

Caring For Your Hermit Crabs

Crazy Crabs require high humidity to keep their gills moist and allow them to breath properly. What will happen if they dont get what they need? Find our more in this article!

Crazy Crabs - Did You Know Part 1

What do you know about Hermit Crabs (Part1)?

Crazy Crabs (Hermit Crabs) make a great low maintenance pets. You can't take them for a walk like a dog but you can enjoy watching their antiques in their enclosures. You watch them change their shell regularly. You can even have various coloured shells!

Find out what they eat, how they bathe, what they drink, where they come from, how they reproduce and learn about their needs!

Crazy Crabs - Did You Know Part 2

What do you know about Hermit Crabs (Part2)?

How long can they live for? Find out the answer now!

Cavies - Guinea Pigs Information
Food, Glorious Food!

Food, Glorious Food!

What to food your guinea pig? Which fruits are dangerous for them? Find the answer here!

What do I need to know if I want to buy a cavy?

What sort should I get? What do I need? How to take care of them?
Read this article and you will find the answers.

Guinea Pigs have a teeth too...

Pocket pets in Queensland are generally Guinea pigs, rats and mice. These animals have “special needs” teeth. This is because their mouth is small, and the teeth are difficult to examine and many of their teeth continue to grow throughout their life. This is why they must gnaw daily on hard foods.

The Truth about Cavies!

When you go to buy your first cavy (the correct name for a Guinea pig) there are a lot of myths and theories to battle through. Cavies do NOT change sex. They are mammals. Females do not make better pets. Both sexes are wonderful as pets, and some males are gentler than females. They are an adult’s pet as well, not just for children.

Ferrets Information
Friendly Ferrets!

Friendly Ferrets!

Who thinks that Ferrets couldnt be your best friend?

Preventative Health Care For Your Ferrets

More and more people are keeping ferrets as pets. They’re sociable, smart and playful, and they’re great for small spaces like apartments. But keeping your ferret in good health involves more preventative health care than keeping a pet like a rabbit or a rat. Here are the basics

Rabbits Information

Why I Thump

Why I Thump

Ever wondered why your rabbit thumps? This delightful short story in narrative style gives some insight into the thumping good times and thumping bad times in the day of a pet rabbit.  Told from the point of view of the rabbit we gain an insight into thumping and other cute rabbit behaviours.

The Bored Bunny

The Bored Bunny - Rabbit Toys, treats & rabbit play areas

An article on rabbit toys, treats and ways to set up a pet rabbit play area to stop rabbit boredom to stop rabbit eating electrical cords to stop rabbit digging out or digging carpet. Read more about rabbit digging, rabbit cord biting, rabbit toys, rabbit care.

Worms - how to treat rabbit worms

WORMS: Are they a problem for rabbits?

Many of us worry about worms in our pet rabbits. This article give us the facts
about the types of worms rabbits can get, and what to do if our rabbit shows
signs of worms.

Protecting your animals the Natural Way against Myxomatosis

Protecting your animals the Natural Way against Myxomatosis

Large amounts of rain, followed by hot humid weather provide a fertile breeding ground for small insects such as mites and mosquitoes, as well as skin conditions such as fungus. The very lethal virus, myxomatosis, is carried by the mosquito and transmitted from one infected rabbit to any number of rabbits in one night through the feeding of just one mosquito. 

How to Care for your Small Pet in the Heat

How to Care for your Small Pet in the Heat

Summer is the time of year when people are thinking of holidays and the beach and having fun. For rabbit and guinea pig breeders, however, it is the time of year that we dread most of all. You can’t even think of taking a break at this time of year, especially when, as it has been this year, the heat is relentless.

The Myth of Bunny Mateship?

The Myth of Bunny Mateship?

Single parent guilt has a lot to answer for: in a one bunny family, the question inevitably is asked, should we get Fluffy a nice little companion? Working all day, are we neglecting our pet and can we assuage these uncomfortable feelings of guilt with another cute little bunny?

Choosing a Rabbit: Should I Get A Nice Little Girl Rabbit

Choosing a Rabbit: Should I Get A Nice Little Girl Rabbit?

How many times have we heard that line?…. All I want is a nice little girl rabbit… and how many times have we wanted to reply, there is no such animal.

The Truth About Feeding Your Pet Rabbit

The Truth About Feeding Your Pet Rabbit

Feeding is perhaps the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy rabbit. But what food is safe and healthy for your rabbit?

Fleas & Mites in Rabbits

Fleas & Mites in Rabbits

Rabbits can have a number of external parasites that can cause discomfort, hair loss and often disease. What should you do to make sure your rabbits are free from this pests? What can you do to prevent this fleas and mites ruin your pet's life? Read this article to find out the best way to free your pet from this disease!

Is It a Slipper?

Is It a Slipper?

What is this? A slipper? A fluffy dog maybe???
Nope, it’s a Bunny Rabbit!


Hey, look at me, I'm a houserabbit!

Houserabbits are here to stay. Thousands of British pet lovers share their homes with a houserabbit, and there’s plenty of expertise available to help you get it right if you decide an indoor bunny is the pet for you.

Plush Lops - A New Breed for Australia

A few years ago a friend of mine said,” I love the feel of the Rex rabbits, but the lops are so cute and friendly, wouldn’t it be great if you could have both in one breed!”

DIET: The Key to Healthy Rabbits

A good diet is the single best thing that you can do to ensure your rabbit stays fit and healthy. There are a lot of different foods, mixes and treats out there, but unfortunately a lot of them really aren’t the best thing for your bunny. Rabbits need a high percentage of fibre in their diet, and this should be the most important factor when choosing feed...

Rats & Mice Information

The Rodent Ranch

Like mice, I found my rats to be wonderful pets, full of fun and mischief! And whilst I loved owning, breeding and playing with my mice, the rats did have a little more to offer in the personality department

Rats & Respiratory Disease

Rats make great pets; they’re intelligent, social and very rewarding to keep. But, like any animal, they can develop health problems which require prompt veterinary attention to avoid serious illness.

The Problem of Hair Loss in Mice

Skin problems are the most common medical condition seen in mice. They have a variety of different causes, some easily treatable, some less so. Here’s a basic guide to the things that can happen to your mouse’s skin.

The Hidden Lives of Rats and Mice

Highly intelligent rodents, rats and mice are natural students who excel at learning and understanding concepts.

An Interview with a Queensland Rat Breeder

Do many people keep pet rats in Queensland? Is it an expensive hobby? Are rats smelly, dirty and carry diseases?
Meet Tracey York, Ratpack & Ratmandu Rattery & AusRFS President, answering to all the question about keeping a rat.

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