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Herbal Goat Care for Joint Mobility and Good Health

Herbal Goat Care for Joint Mobility & Good Health

Goats are wonderful creatures. They are very much misunderstood and discarded as unintelligent creatures, generally looked upon as eaters of unwanted weeds. Quite often they are purchased as ‘lawn mowers’ by people with little understanding of their physiological and psychological needs.

Like all animals, goats can suffer from arthritis and stiffness, most often from lack of minerals. Herbs provide great ease to these painful conditions. There are many herbs to support circulation and aid in better mobility.

Vaccination of Alpacas... Back to Basics

Vaccination of Alpacas... Back to Basics

Every now and then it is wise to step back from the information barrage that we find ourselves in everyday and ensure that we understand the basics…. Remember the old adage “You need to walk before you run”! This in mind let us take a look at a very basic area of animal husbandry, vaccination.

Did You Know

Did You Know

Things that you need to know about your farm animals!

Rare Breeds - A Casualty of Change...

Rare Breeds - A Casualty of Change...

Animal ownership is undergoing a massive change. Forty years in veterinary practice is a long time, and over those years Dr Harry Cooper has witnessed some dramatic changes. What would be happen next??

A Guide to Drought Feeding of Goats

A Guide to Drought Feeding of Goats

This is a guide for goat owners however similar principles can be used for cattle and sheep also...

Swill Feeding

Swill Feeding

Swill Feeding illegal in Australia because of the serious risk of introducing diseases that are not present here. While swill must not be fed to livestock, including pigs, poultry or ruminants, dogs and cats are not considered livestock. So how do we know what to feed and not to feed?

Find the answer on this article!

Maremma Dogs

Maremma Dogs

It’s amazing how a large white dog that likes to lounge around in a shady spot in the middle of the day, as if it didn’t have a care in the world, will be so alert to what is happening all around him. Suddenly, they get up and walk the boundary. The next minute they are chasing a crow or barking loudly with a great level of assertiveness to announce the arrival of a stranger.

I’m talking about the “ Maremma".... the Italian dog...

Rare Breeds

Rare Breeds

Have you ever given a thought about RARE AND ENDANGERED domestic livestock species like chooks, ducks, geese, turkeys, goats, pigs, sheep and cattle?

Geese Often Mistaken More Often Forgotten

Geese Often Mistaken More Often Forgotten

Geese are a large type of waterfowl that are often mistaken as being a large duck, but they are not and are a very different animal...

Bring Back The Chook Article by Dr Harry Cooper

Bring Back The Chook

Read Dr Harry's great article on the benefits of keeping backyard poultry. Dr Harry himself is a keen poultry breeder and has a range of rare breeds of fowl at his property in Tasmania. This article is enlightening and inspiring and it will certainly encourage you to try keeping a few egg layers in your backyard.

Lots About Llamas

The llama is an athletic animal, tall and sturdily built with an appearance of strength and nobility. It’s movements should be fluid and graceful, with both head and tail carried high. It’s disposition is calm and it’s nature curious. Read about Llamas care here...

Land Pregnancy Toxaemia

A recent case: pregnancy toxaemia or ‘twin lamb disease’ in sheep. This article highlights the problem that can be face in heavily pregnant sheep and outlines some management strategies to overcome them. Early management decision making hopefully can prevent many cases.

Farm Animals and Worms

Farm animals of all species face the problem of worm infestation and become ‘worm hosts’.

Some Requirements for rearing backyard or hobby-farm pigs

With the movement of city people into rural areas, back-yard pig raising has increased in popularity. To successfully keep and raise pigs you need to be aware of the following requirements

Dr. Harry Cooper on Rare Poultry Breeds

Selectively over the fifty years since I first became involved in animal breeding much has changed. From an exhibition standpoint; size, shape, colour and feather have all become drastically altered.

Drought; Strategies With Beef Cattle

When faced with feeding costs for cattle, remember it does not take long for a cow to eat her own value. Strategies must be made to offset the risks associated. Address a few options.

Stock Protection Dogs

Maremmas as a breed are used for stock protection such as for sheep, goats, other farm animals including poultry. If the Maremma is to be used to guard poultry or other birds they should begin the bonding at an early age or purchase the dog from someone who uses the dogs for poultry.

Pink Eye

Pink Eye or Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis is a highly contagious eye condition most frequent in the summer months. It is caused by the bacterium Morexella bovis in cattle.

The Australian Miniature Goat Association Inc (AMGA)

The Australian Miniature Goat Association Inc was formed in early 2004 with a view to taking the Australian Miniature Goat to the next level in becoming a recognised breed and to enhance the focus on breeding a truly ‘miniature’ goat.

Passion for The Keeping & Breeding of Rare and Special Birds

What has now become a passion for collecting and breeding rare breeds, probably began as a child when I lived in close proximity of Sydney’s Paddy Markets - “Yes, Mum, the man said they are baby pullets/hens”

The Pet Directory Farm Animal Article - Alpacas


Al belong to the species called South American Camelids and are closely related to Llamas. Llama are approximately twice the size of alpacas and have banana shaped ears, they are predominately used as pack animals whereas alpacas are breed for their fine fleece.

The Pet Directory Farm Animal Article - Patona Park Miniature Goat Stud

Patona Park Miniature Goat Stud

Our Stud was established in 1995 and is situated on the outskirts of CANUNGRA in South East Queensland. Our Aim was to develop a genetically miniature size goat with...

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