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Snakes Alive!

Snakes Alive!

How long does a snake live for? And what do they need to survive?

Skin Shedding (Ecdysis) in Reptiles

Skin Shedding (Ecdysis) in Reptiles

What is skin shedding in Reptile? and when will it happen?

Read more to find out...

Bearded Dragon Care

So, why are bearded dragons quickly becoming one of the most popular pet lizards in Australia, indeed the world? Read this article for more exciting news...

Finding A Reptile Vet

Read a scenario in this article of a perfect example of why you should find an experienced reptile vet and develop a relationship with him/her before an emergency situation.

Reptiles Real Requirements!

Unfortunately, reptiles are perceived as requiring minimal care rather than specialized care. They are making their way into pet shops and are becoming popular.

Tropical Tarantulas

A female Tarantula may live for up to 25 years and can outlive most other pets, therefore proper care is essential. The information supplied here is only intended as a guide.

Snake Catching The Snakehandler Way

Snake catching is a popular past time, hobby or profession for many herpetologists (persons who study /work with reptiles) around Australia. What makes a snake catcher? Why do it?

There's a lot to ROAR ABOUT at Eaton Hill's Vet Surgery

The first thing that strikes you when you walk into the “Rose Cottage” grounds at Eaton’s Hill Veterinary Surgery is the huge dinosaur at the entrance! You immediately get the feeling that you are entering a theme park rather than a vet surgery.

Enclosure Cleaning & Hygiene

Enclosure hygiene is one of the cornerstones of preventative health care and essential to the ongoing health of your reptiles. Many infections of captive reptiles are due to organisms already present in the enclosure - excreted or carried by the reptile - which can rapidly build up to toxic levels.

Meet Peter Gillespie - Snake Catcher!

If you find yourself with reptiles in the roof then Peter is your man!!!

Care of Young Tortoises

Aquariums are ideal for keeping young tortoises. The easiest way to adapt your basic aquarium for young tortoises is by gluing a smooth edged piece of glass, the same size as the width of the inside of the aquarium, and only a quarter of the length.

Reptile Heating

Reptiles Do Not make heat for themselves, but maintain necessary body temperatures by taking heat from their environment. The required body temperature varies according to the species, the time of day, and the stage of digestion of food. For this reason,

Purchasing Reptiles

You wander into your favourite reptile shop and browse; an hour later you are on the way home with a 2 metre pink coloured Yarra Python, that just ‘had to’ be bought before anyone else noticed the bargain price of this rare subspecies - an impulse buy. Once you are home the snake is placed in an enclosure with another, unrelated, python until you can build a new enclosure. Three months later both snakes are dead from an infectious disease. Maybe that ‘bargain buy’ wasn’t so good after all. An unlikely scenario?

Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies in Reptile

CALCIUM/VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY. This is the most common nutritional/husbandry problem seen in reptiles. Calcium is required in all vertebrate animals (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) for bone formation and for nerve transmission.

Junior Herpetologist of The Year

Each year, the North Coast Herpetology Group holds a competition for the Junior Herpetologist of the Year, where we reward the most outstanding junior members of the group.

Stomatitis In Snakes

In general, disease occurs due to an imbalance between the number and virulence (nastiness) of the disease organisms in the environment and the defence forces within the animal.

The Pet Directory - Reptile Resources: Information on Reptile Permits in Australia

Reptile Resources

Information on Reptile Permits in Australia.

Reflections on Reptile Keeping

For considerable years in the past herpetological societies, breeder enthusiasts, and some pet stores have been the main places new reptile keepers have gone to for services or medical information on their pets. Veterinarians until comparatively recently had played only a minor role in this very interesting field of their profession...


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