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Category: Cat > Breeders
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Cats > Breeders

Find breeders across Australia in all states: Victoria (VIC); New South Wales (NSW); Queensland (QLD); South Australia (SA); Western Australia (WA); Tasmania (TAS); Northern Territory (NT).

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Abyssinian (22)

American Bobtail (0)

American Curl (0)

American PuppyKats / Manxfold (0)

Called PuppyKats because they follow you around like puppies.

American Ringtail (0)

American Shorthair (0)

American Wirehair (0)

Australian Mist (5)

Australian Tiffanie (5)

Balinese (10)

Bengal (69)

Birman (41)

Bombay (5)

British Angora (0)

British Shorthair (48)

Burmese (43)

Burmilla (6)

Celonese (0)

Chartreux (0)

Chausie (0)

Colorpoint Shorthair (1)

Cornish Rex (4)

Devon Rex (12)

Domestic (2)

Egyptian Mau (3)

Exotic (27)

Foreign White (1)

German Rex (0)

Havana Brown (0)

Himalayan (10)

Japanese Bobtail (1)

Javanese (1)

Korat (2)

La Perm (2)

Maine Coon (28)

Malayan (0)

Manx (0)

Marbled Mist (0)

Munchkin (5)

New Zealand Shorthair (0)

Norwegian Forest (12)

Ocicat (4)

Oriental Longhair (5)

Oriental Shorthair (20)

Persian (38)

Pixie-Bob (2)

Poodle Cat (0)

Ragdoll (76)

Russian Blue (6)

Safari (0)

Savannah (1)

Scottish Folds (11)

Scottish Shorthairs (4)

Selkirk Rex (4)

Siamese (35)

Siberian (5)

Singapura (2)

Skookums (0)

Snowshoe (2)

Somali (8)

Sphynx (6)

Spotted Mist (0)

Tonkinese (14)

Toyger (1)

Turkish Angora (0)

Turkish Van (3)

York Chocolate (0)

Cat Breeders
Cat of Distinction
Pet Directory Gautama Divine Balinese & Siamese Johari Abyssinians
Ricway Bengals Seki and Kencyr Cattery Troy Fancy Feast



Cat Breeders
Kepala Pet Resort & Canine Country Club
Kepala Pet Resort provides FIVE STAR luxury accommodation for your pets!
Aussie Cat Enclosures
Aussie Cat Enclosures
Custom and
pre-made cat enclosures & accessories!
Servicing QLD
and NSW
Gillenbah Cattery
Adelhills Bengals Cat Breeder
Adelhills Bengal Cats
A Distinctive Wild Look
Healthy Bengal
Cats & Kittens
Quality Focused
Pets Eternal Pet Memorial Services
Pussyfoot Exotics & Persians Cattery
Pussyfoot Cattery specializing in
Persians & Exotics in an array of colours.
Visit Pussyfoot Cattery today
Eco Cat Litter
Engage Eco Products
Cat Litter
Lasts and outperforms other litters for less !
PetO - Australia's Largest Dog & Cat Store

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An extraordinary cat boarding facility designed exclusively for fussy cats. Vist Hobbits
Knob Cat Retreats

Petway Access Pet Doors
Petway Access
Pet Door

Designed Specifically
for Insect & Security
Screen Doors.
Gribbles Molecular Science
I Love Pets
Furrballz Ragdolls
Quality Lifestyle Solutions - Automatic Pet Feeders
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