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Rabbits, Cavies or Guinea Pigs
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Category: Small Animals > Breeders
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Adopt A Rabbit

Butterflies (1)

Cavies (Guinea Pigs) (62)

Ferrets (4)

Hamsters (0)

Hermit Crabs, Bugs & Insects (4)

Mongolian Gerbil (0)

Rabbits (giant) - British Giant (2)

Rabbits (giant) - Flemish Giant (2)

Rabbits - (lge) Californian (1)

Rabbits - (med) Argente (0)

Rabbits - (med) Sable (2)

Rabbits - (med) Satin (8)

Rabbits - (med) Smoke Pearl (5)

Rabbits - (sm) Tan (7)

Rabbits - (lge) Alaska (1)

Rabbits - (lge) Chinchilla (1)

Rabbits - (lge) Deilenaar (1)

Rabbits - (lge) Lop English "English Lop" (2)

Rabbits - (lge) Lop French "French Lop" (1)

Rabbits - (lge) New Zealand (2)

Rabbits - (lge) Silver Fox (5)

Rabbits - (lge) Swiss Fox (5)

Rabbits - (lgiant) Chinchilla Gigantas (3)

Rabbits - (med) Angora (14)

Rabbits - (med) Belgium Hare (1)

Rabbits - (med) Cashmere Lops (11)

Rabbits - (med) English (6)

Rabbits - (med) Rex - Standard (18)

Breeder Profile

Rabbits - (sm) Cashmere Mini (Mini Cashmere) (5)

Rabbits - (sm) Dutch (11)

Rabbits - (sm) Dwarf Lop (21)

Rabbits - (sm) Jersey Wooly (1)

Rabbits - (sm) Lion Head (1)

Rabbits - (sm) Mini Lop (44)

Rabbits - (sm) Netherland Dwarf (22)

Netherland Dwarfs originated in the Netherlands. It is the smallest breed of rabbit known. They should weigh between 907kg and 1.13kg. They have come in many colors, including Tortoiseshell, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Smoke Pearl, Sable Point, Himalayan, Chestnut, Opal, Lynx, Chinchilla, Otter, Tan, Silver Marten, Sable Marten, Smoke Pearl Marten, Orange, Fawn, Steel, Broken, Squirrel, Blue-Eyed White and Ruby Eyed White, Siamese Sable.

Rabbits - (sm) Polish (4)

Rabbits - (sm) Rex - Mini (Mini Rex) (11)

Rabbits - Velvet Lops (3)

Rats and Mice (35)

Silkworms (0)

Small Animals > Breeders & Suppliers
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Bek's Bunnies Pet & Accessories
Bek's Bunnies
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Breeders of Mini Lop & Cashmere Standard Lop rabbits.
Ridley Agriproducts
Ferrets & Hammocks
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