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Category: Farm Animals > Breeders
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Farm Animals > Breeders

Valley Produce
Valley Produce is a Stock Feed, Produce and Pet Needs store located at 170 Northern Highway Wallan.
We operate 7 days per week, closing only on public holidays.

Find breeders across Australia in all states: Victoria (VIC); New South Wales (NSW); Queensland (QLD); South Australia (SA); Western Australia (WA); Tasmania (TAS); Northern Territory (NT).


Alpaca (30)


Donkeys (7)

donkeys farm animal section - move 2 listings to horse section.

Fowl (General) (22)

Find breeders of all types of fowl including chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, game fowl, turkeys, pheasants, etc. including rare breeds.

Fowl - Australian Native Waterfowl (2)

Fowl - Baby Chickens (Chooks) & other Baby Fowl (21)

Find breeders of baby fowl including rare breeds.

Fowl - Ducks (11)

Fowl - Geese (2)

All breeds of geese.

Fowl - Guinea Fowl (3)

Find a breeder of Guinea Fowl including rare breeds.

Fowl - Magpie Geese (0)

Fowl - Quail (0)

Fowl - Rare Breeds - Assorted (18)

Find breeders of rare fowl.

Fowl - Rare Breeds - Assorted

Find a variety of rare breed fowls including chooks and other water fowl on this link.

Fowl - Rare Breeds - Australian Cape Barren Geese (3)

Find breeders of rare Australian Cape Barren Geese

Fowl - Rare Breeds - Faverolle (2)

Find breeders of rare Faverolle chooks. Faverolles are a duel purpose breed (eggs and meat) that are named for their place of origin, the town of Faverolles in France. They are extremely rare in Australia, with only about 100 people currently breeding them. This is why the Faverolles Australia club has been formed, to publicise the breed and increase the numbers throughout Australia to make sure this rare breed does not face extinction. The birds come in two sizes, large and bantam, and there are only seven or eight colours, with Salmon being the main one. See Clubs this section for contact details for the Faverolles Australia club.

Fowl - Rare Breeds - Houdan (1)

Find breeders of rare Houdan fowl.

Fowl - Rare Breeds - Silkies (Chinese Silkies) (2)

Fowl - Turkeys (4)

Find breeders of Turkey here including rare breeds.

Goats (8)

Llamas (2)

Minature Goats (43)

Pigs (2)

Pigs - Miniature (6)

Sheep (3)

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Lightninjax Pet City
Our Trevow Farms - Romney Sheep
At Our Trevow Farms we are dedicated to producing high quality Romney Sheep.
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