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Category: Dogs > ACCESSORIES
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Suppliers for dog accessories and equipment on this page. Find suppliers for dog walking accessories, dog clothes, dog grooming equipment, dog runs, dog crates, dog trailers and other accessories and equipment for dogs.


Click on the links for dog products and supplies for flea and tick products, worm medicine, dog whelping products, dog shampoo and conditioners, medications.


Dog Grooming equipment suppliers for dog brushes and combs, hydrobaths, dog hair dryers, dog hair dyes in range of colours

In this category you will find suppliers of pet accessories, equipment and products. 


Accessories for Dogs (18)

Dog accessories for dogs and puppies. Lots of new dog products. Find the latest dog accessories for your pup!

Animal Art (1)

The true beauty of animals brought to life on canvas by talented artists.

Pet art, pet portraits, pet pop art, pet caricatures, pet paintings in watercolours & oils. All animal art and artists.

Animal Jewellery (1)

Jewellery for your pet and for you!  From inexpensive to absolute luxury!

Bedding Materials, Litter & Waste Removal (0)

There are a variety of bedding materials, nesting materials, stable flooring listed here. A good bedding material can save you health issues with your pets. Vetbed & fleece suppliers.

Beds (13)

Books/Magazines (2)

Find amazing pet books here.

Bowls (1)

Business Cards (0)

Car Accessories / Car Seat Covers & Car Harnesses (3)


Keep your pet safe in the car and the car seat nice and clean with a car seat cover.

Cards & Calendars (0)

Animal related cards and calendars for gifts or for you!

Carry Bags (4)

Carts & Carting Supplies for Dogs (1)

Supplies for all dog carting sports including carting, scootering, and sleds.  All the bits and pieces you need including the carts and the harnesses.

Clothes/Hats/Sunglasses & Goggles (16)

Find a wonderful selection of suppliers of dog clothes and hats.  Dressing up your dog makes it the centre of attention: Every dogs dream! 

Club Memorabilia (0)

Collars & Leads (26)

Choose from a range of strong, delicate, large, small, beautiful or powerful collars and leads.

Containment Systems | Enclosures | Yards | Runs (6)

The first thing you need when you get a companion animal is a place to keep him or her safe and comfortable. Here are contacts for enclosures.

Cooling Products (1)

Dogs can suffer stress and even die if they become overheated. These products will keep your pet cool in the highest of temperatures.

Crates & Runs (3)

Crockery, glassware, collectable & ornaments (0)

Look here for all kinds of lovely dishes, glasses, ornaments and collectables featuring animals.

Deodorisers - clear all dog urine smells (0)

Dog's Bedroom Furniture & Furnishings (5)

Where do you keep your dog's toys and accessories? Look here for furniture items for your dog's bedroom!

Doors for Doggys (3)

DVDs & Videos (3)

Enclosures (0)

Got a new puppy?  Taking your dog to the beach or camping?  Try an enclosure.

Feeders | Waterers | Storage (4)

Flea & Tick Products (4)

Find a range of regular and unusual remedies for fleas and ticks and even flies on your dogs.  Shampoos to magnetic fields!

Fly & Insect Repellants (0)

Food & Treats & Supplements (8)

Gifts & Hampers (1)

Grooming Equipment (2)

Health Therapeutic (6)

Health products including natural therapies and products.

Hydrobath (0)

Kennels (3)

Microchips (0)

Pharmaceutical Products (4)

Security Systems - Protect premises & livestock (0)

Shampoos, Washes, Colognes & Repellents (4)

Software & Computing (0)

Stationery (0)

Strollers (4)

Strollers for dogs

Tags - Identification (8)

Dog name tags of all types from bling to plain.

Toys for your 4 legged friend. (10)

Regular activity is great for your dog.  Look through the amazing toys available in this section and choose something that you and your dog will enjoy together. 

Trailers (0)

Traps: Humane Animal Trapping - No kill safe dog traps (0)

The Dog traps available here are designed to trap without injuring or killing the animal.

Trophies & Promotional Products (0)

Show trophies for your show or event, promotional items for your club or pet business.

Whelping Products (0)

Worming Products (2)

Dogs > Accessories, Equipment, & Products
Supercoat Pet Care
Automatic Pet Door
The Automatic Sliding Door System.
No need for pet doors!
K9 TravelSafe Dog Safety Cages
Dog Safety Cages

Unique Australian made Aluminum constructed dog safety cage.
Sunshine Magnetic Dog Collars
Did You Know

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