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Category: Horses > Clubs, Associations, Welfare Rescues & Government
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Horse Associations | Pony Clubs

Click on the horse or pony club or society you are looking for to see their contact details. Horse & pony riding for show or pleasure or trail riding clubs.

Miniature Horse Clubs

You can find breed clubs and miniature horse clubs on this page as well as agricultural show societies, reigning and performance horse clubs and more.

Horse Rescue

Find groups that rescue horses, ponies and donkeys and then offer them for adoption to good homes.
Clubs, Associations, Welfare Rescues & Government

Agricultural Societies (2)

Breed Clubs - Donkeys (0)

Breed Clubs - General (16)

Charities (1)

This category is for charities related to animals including assistance animals.

Councils (4)

Dog Behaviour Organisations (0)

Find dog behaviour organisations and associations to join if you are a dog trainer.

Forums (Online) (0)

Government (0)

Research Foundations (0)

Social (2)

Welfare / Rescue - ACT (1)

Organisations that help abandoned animals. Surrender or Adopt, Donate or Volunteer!

Welfare / Rescue - NSW (3)

Welfare / Rescue - NT (1)

Welfare / Rescue - QLD (1)

Organisations that help abandoned animals. Surrender or Adopt, Donate or Volunteer!

Welfare / Rescue - SA (1)

Welfare / Rescue - TAS (1)

Welfare / Rescue - VIC (3)

Welfare / Rescue - WA (1)

Bonza Banga
Independent Minature Horse Registry Inc.
Pony Club Association of QLD
Minature Horse Association of Australia
Pony Club NSW
Pony Club Australia

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