Pawz N' More Pet Sitting

About Pawz N' More Pet Sitting

Pawz N' More Pet Sitting
Going away? Let your Pets stay home and Play!
There's No Place Like Home...

Every 7th visit is FREE!
Macarthur & Surrounding areas Including:
Campbelltown, Camden, Mount Annan,  Harrington park, Narellan, Elderslie, Currans Hill, Leppington, Prcton, Raby, Campbelltown, 
St Helens Park, Rosemeadow, Ingleburn, Glenfield + plenty more!
If unsure of area please ask.

Experienced pet sitter , business originated in Queensland.
When you are away your pets experience less stress by staying in their familiar environment.
Your Pets are given the loving care and attention that they
would receive from their owner.
Our goal is to provide you with responsible, reliable, quality care in your home,
allowing your pets to stay comfortable and stress free.

Pawz N' More offers many services such as:
•Feeding/ fresh water
tray/cage cleaning
•TLC and pampering
•Watering plants
•Bringing in newspapers/mail
•Turning on/alternating lights
•Opening/closing blinds
•Putting your bins in/out
+ plenty more!

Smalls Animals such a birds/rabbits i can have at my house *I only limit this to one client at a time.
A meeting will be arranged beforehand so you and your pets will get to know me
for when the time comes to care for your loved ones.

Book ahead to secure your spot!

Phone Bec on: 
0425 547 169 
 Or email: bec@

Pawz N' More Pet Sitting Contact Details
Mobile:0425 547 169
NSW 2567

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