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Contact:Roslyn Lim
Mobile:0416 228 080
Fax:02 9654 8674
PO BOX 247
NSW 2156
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Vital SupaSnax is a proudly Australian owned company.

Our products are  manufactured in Australia and we sell only quality DRIED DOG treats

Our natural products are of superior standard and quality, manufactured with an air dried technique - not cooked, with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

We ship products Australia wide and Internationally.

Great selections of our Pet Treats:

  • SupaSnax Gourmet Roo & Liver Rissoles
  • SupaSnax Half Pig Trotters
  • SupaSnax Porky Snouts
  • SupaSnax Porky Tips
  • SupaSnax Porky Treat Ears
  • SupaSnax Roo Chews
  • SupaSnax Roo Flap Jacks
  • SupaSnax Shaved Liver
  • SupaSnax Puppy Bits
  • SupaSnax Roo Straps
  • SupaSnax Dried Calamari
  • SupaSnax Fish Jerky
  • SupaSnax Roo Jerky
  • SupaSnax Bull Pizzles
  • SupaSnax Roo Tendons
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SupaSnax Shaved Liver
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