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Dogology is a unique Professional Dog Behavioural Training Service especially for dogs and their owners who live in the Sydney and North Sydney areas Eastern Southern and Inner City Suburbs of Sydney Other areas on application. Dogology uses positive science based and fun training methods to teach your pet dog all sorts of things from Puppy Management to advance skills. Dogology has special behaviour modification programs for the unruly or problem dog too We can custom design a training program especially for you and your dog. We train using operant conditioning principles. This type of training will help form a lifelong bond with your pet. Dogology is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia. We COME to YOU We specialise in In-home training sessions giving you and your dog optimum attention without the distractions of other dogs and handlers. Each session is a structured learning experience for you and your dog. You receive detailed hand-outs training treats and free membership to the Dogology chat group. Must already have e-mail. DOES YOUR DOG Not listen to you/ignores you Pulls on lead Not come when called Jumps up on people Displays inappropriate annoying or embarrassing behaviour when out and about Displays Aggressive or Reactive behaviours Not house toilet trained Has Separation Anxiety Needs basic obedience Exhibits destructive behaviour Barking constantly CALL NOW - WE CAN HELP YOU AND YOUR DOG Dogology has training programs for any behavioural problem regardless of the dogs age or breed. Dogology has the following programs Private Puppy Training First Time Dog Owner Your new Rescued Dog Street Wise Park Life Customised Behavioural Modification Reactive Dog Management Competition Obedience Skills Puppy Junior Class Programs Prepare Pet for your new Baby
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Contact:Janene Branc
NSW 2000

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