About CoastCockatiels

At Coast Cockatiels we breed from the best quality cockatiels we can find. Our breeding birds come from show backgrounds.
We believe in producing quality cockatiels not quantity cockatiels.
All we breed is Cockatiels.
Our cockatiels have plenty of room to play and stretch the wings, they are never overcrowded.
Our baby cockatiels are taken from parents between 2 –3 weeks and Hand Raised inside.
We provide our birds with a lot of care and attention to produce very intelligent and friendly companion pet cockatiels.
All of our baby cockatiels are raised with parrot maintenance pellets, fresh fruit, vegetables and seed.
Coastcockatiels babies learn to step up and to fly and land before the wing is clipped.

CoastCockatiels Contact Details
Phone:0458 548 625
NSW 2259

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