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Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary

We sometimes have baby rabbits available from one of our rescued rabbits. These may be available to people who can house and care for them properly. We always have tame friendly young adult rabbits for adoption. These have either up ears or lop ears.  There are always many diffent colours to choose from.

Please send us an instant message with any inquiries.

The Pet Directory Rabbit Rescue and sanctuary is situated in a tranquil bush setting on Rocky's Ridge, which is named for the first rabbit ever to be homed on the property.  It is set up for rabbits who need a sanctuary for any reason.

The rescued rabbits have a netted grassy acreage run with a secure and cosy cabin to rest in and sleep in and little day huts to snooze and play in. 

The rabbits sleep, play and enjoy each other's company. They have toys and fun tunnels to run through or hide in which gives them hours of entertainment and exercise. 

No longer caged, the rescued rabbits live their lives in the fresh bush air with an abundance of fresh vegetables, meadow grass, high quality hay and Barastoc Rabbit Pellets.  They have bowls of precious fresh cool water to lap from at all times.

Rescued rabbits are not necessarily available for re-homing.  Once they reach The Pet Directory's Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary, they become protected.  For re-homing to occur, the applicant would have to be able to provide accommodation and care to meet the standards set out.  People should feel welcome to apply if they feel they can give the committment and love required for an adopted rabbit or baby rabbit. 

Rehoming Rabbits from Queensland

Rabbits who find themselves in need of rehoming from Queensland can be surrendered to The Pet Directory Rabbit Rescue. 

Transport of the rabbits is at the owner's expense. Click here to find a pet transport company§ion=5

Read this delightful story from a trainer about how she hand reared baby rabbits after their mother died.

To gain more information about rabbits and their care visit the Pet Articles and Care Sheets Library on this site. Read the Rabbit 'Bible' by Christine Carter to learn everything there is to know about rabbits.

Rabbits surrendered to The Pet Directory Rabbit Rescue & Sanctuary can be held in care until the owner can once again be reunited with their beloved rabbit. This assists people to keep their rabbit knowing they are safe in our care.

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  • The Pet Directorys Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary in NSW Australia

    Two rabbits who have found a sanctuary on Rockys Ridge which is The Pet Directorys Rabbit Rescue property in Northern NSW Australia. Rabbits will be accepted from anywhere in Australia.
  • A Baby Rabbit born in the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary

    This chocolate bunny is not sure yet whether his ears will be up or down. He is part mini lop. Baby rabbits need special care and should be kept with their mothers until they are 8 weeks old. They watch and learn from their mothers to gain knowledge about many things.
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