Cloud Nine Cat Resort

About Cloud Nine Cat Resort
Cloud Nine Cat Resort is a Boutique Cattery on the city edge just off Chapel St in Prahran within the boundaries of the Melbourne CBD.

If you are expecting to be away from home and you would like your cat to be safe and well cared for then Cloud Nine Cat Resort is just the place to board your cat. We love cats! We care for cats just like they were our own. Here is a little info about our boarding cattery in Melbourne NSW Australia...Our aim at Cloud Nine Cat Resort is to provide your cat with a home away from home.

The surroundings are done to try and recreate many home environments in an effort to minimize cat stress from being away from their home environment and family.

We also provide an expansive menu and provide all food both fresh and prepackaged, except those which are vet prescribed.

All our “cat suites” are spacious walk-ins approximately 8 feet in length, 6 feet high and 4 feet wide with the double suites 8-10 feet wide. There are 5 Double and 27 Single suites available at the resort. The suites are tailored to make your cat feel like they are at home. The suites all contain either a bed or lounge chair and house where they can relax. All rooms also have a variety of scratching posts and ramps.

On inspection and check-in, our friendly staff will consult with you on your cat’s needs during their stay with us. Our staff is very understanding of the separation stress created when leaving your beloved feline for short and long term stays.

We have on-site parking to allow for easy drop off and pick up.
Cloud Nine Cat Resort Contact Details
Phone:(03) 9525 1500
VIC 3181

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