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About Dogs and the City
DOGS and the CITY offers privately held classes in puppy basics, dog training and behavioural counselling. The basis of all training is to enable you to have a healthy understanding of your dogsí motivations and behaviours. Communication is very difficult if you donít know how to 'communicate'. What we do is help you demystify your dog. Apart from helping you to understand why your dog does what it does, a basic knowledge of what drives your dog will allow for a more respectful and coexistent relationship. Your trainer is Lisa Wolfenden. Having become an Accredited Delta Society CGC Dog Trainer in 1997, Lisa furthered her education at Sydney University and received a B.A. (Psychology & Linguistics), and a Grad. Dip. Sc. (Psychology). She studied Psychology not only for the insight it would give her into animal behaviour and motivation, but also because she believes that a lot of the dog training available out there falls on deaf ears as it does not take into account the human factors involved in the problems that people are having with their dogs. If you donít like or understand the advice you are being given, then how are you expected to follow and implement it. Having a background knowledge of counselling allows Lisa to break down any barriers in communication that might hinder this process. Lisa only uses positive reinforcement training methods. No check/choke chains, no barking at your dog, no throwing chains on the ground.
DOGS and the CITY excels in providing the best of imported and locally available pet products for small and large dogs. We have selected the highest quality pet beds, dog clothing, dog collars and dog bowls. We carry an extensive range of dog toys and pet carrier bags as well as the healthiest of organic dog treats. Order online for delivery in Australia and New Zealand.
Dogs and the City Contact Details
Contact:Lisa Wolfenden
Phone:02 93634560
NSW 2023

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