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My name is Peta and I am offering my services as a dog walker (but if they need a run, or a challenge, or socialization, or a swim, they can get that too!), and as assistance with any dog behavioural problems, and pet and portrait photographer in Brisbane's Northern suburbs (but please don’t hesitate to ask - I am willing to travel quite a long way). I am a university student with a passion for animals, and for people, and for the outdoors. My Grandma and Mum also bred and showed Border Collies, so I am a product of my upbringing in many respects.  I have volunteered for the RSPCA for 2 years, and have helped out friends, family and neighbours with their dogs if they needed them to be looked after, rehomed, exercised or had some difficult behaviour that needed addressing. I also completed my Certificate III in Companion Animals while in High School, where I studied animal behaviour, recreation and training, diet and nutrition, first aid, breeds, hydro bathing, disease and parasite identification and treatment, and workplace health and safety when working in the animal industry. 

I can help you with most dog behaviour issues - with the single exception with aggressive "red zone" dogs. (However if you do have a case of suspected aggression, just ask me and I'll see what I can do).

What I do isn't simply dog training (as in, "sit, stay, good boy - shmaco time!!), or exercising the body alone. It's more focused on dog psychology and reading behaviour; and re-establishing a balanced hierarchy within the family - with you as leader - using calm, gentle, but confident techniques. 

I can help you if your dog:

- takes you grass-sledding when you try to walk him/ her
- is overly possessive of food, toys or people
- is shy
- is afraid of storms, cars, water, people, other dogs, you name it
- tries to take on anything with four legs
- is obsessive about toys
- suffers separation anxiety/ whines when left alone or ignored
- is an escape artist! Better than Houdini himself!
- is hyperactive and destructive
- barks, and barks, and barks and barks and barks
- is defensive or refuses to be touched
- is too pushy with you or children
- is too "mouthy"
- refuses to be bathed, groomed or have nails trimmed
- is afraid of swimming
- is overexcited when seeing other dogs when walking
- chases cars, bikes, people, anything that  moves ..
- Refuses to drop whatever it is he's got!
- Tries to - much to everyone’s horror - mount anything and anyone
- digs holes and generally chews the house to bits

I can also help if you simply need someone to give your dog the exercise that they need to stay mentally and physically happy and healthy. Or, if you are looking for a dog, I can come along and help you choose the right puppy/ dog for you. I can also help you with establishing a routine for you and your puppy that will help you with house-training, mouthing, chewing - all that fun puppy stuff!

There are plenty of wonderful dog walkers out there, and many wonderful trainers too, but what I want to do is give you the opportunity to understand why your dog is doing what he is doing; and how you can learn to get things to how they should be. When I meet you and your dog, I do not just want to meet their physical needs by taking them for a run. It is all fine and good to call someone in to help with your dog – but I promise you if you simply hand over your pet to another person and watch them accomplish amazing things, you aren’t getting your money’s worth if they hand you back the leash without you knowing exactly what they know, and more.


I am also offering you and your dog the one-to-one attention you may not get at Puppy Preschools, or Daycares, or through Pet Sitting Services. I am also working with your dog in your own home - which is where they (and you) will feel most comfortable, and in the case of behaviour assistance - this is where it all happens… So this is where it needs to be changed! I am also very conscious of the negative behaviours that dogs can pick up in environments with a large number of dogs, as well as the risk of zoonosis (such as fleas, kennel cough, or in the worst case scenario, parvo), and even the risk of contact with aggressive dogs. Or maybe you may feel your dog needs some help in becoming balanced enough for socialization, and so these are not even an option for you. I also try and supply you with some written feedback, and notes that you can use for reference when I'm not around, and I am also more than happy to recommend books and dvds that I have used in my research. But, if you have any other issues that I haven't listed here, please don't hesitate to ask! I'll give anything a shot!

Consultation: Complimentary; and I will travel to you, unless you would prefer otherwise. In this time you just get to know me, and I get to know you, and we just go over what you are needing help with, and I will come up with a plan. I will also supply you with notes and references to look over, specific to your situation.

Exercise and Behaviour Assistance: $15 p/hr (no additional cost for petrol, etc)
Photography: Up to you! You only pay whatever you feel is earned :)

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Thank you for your time!

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