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Bird sitting for budgies, cockatiels, small parrots, large parrots, canaries and finches.

We at Pocket Pet Penthouse offer a two dimensional service because first and foremost we believe in ensuring that everyone’s needs are being catered for. After careful consideration and thorough market research, we discovered that there is a lack of pocket pet (i.e. rabbit, guinea pig, rat, mice and small bird) minding services in the market place so offering that service was the initial phase of the business, however after speaking to numerous pet owners who cannot find enough suitable home visit services to cater for their dogs and cats that are more comfortable staying in their own homes, we decided to add this service and also include other varieties of domestic animals such as horses, chooks, reptiles, parrots and even perhaps more unusual animals that fall under the heading of miscellaneous pets.

"We look forward to treating your pet like a celebrity".

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