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Urban Herd has a range of minding services that ensure your animals’ wellbeing and environmental requirements are taken into consideration. Not all animals like to go to a place where there is a bunch of miscellaneous personalities where they have to immediately fit in, nor sit in a cage, kennel or run all day long; be it day care or longer stays.
Instead we offer the complete comfort of our home stays, daycare and visits. Your pet, dog, cat, bird, lizard or any other is a guest in our home. They are allowed to do anything they please just as if it was their own home, while being looked after by a qualified animal specialist. They will receive personal attention and tailored exercise whilst being loved as if they were our own pets! Don’t forget we offer drop off and pick up services as well.
Urban Herd is conveniently located in the Eastern Suburbs Sydney where your pet will stay in a luxurious apartment. Alternatively if they prefer a backyard, paddock or beach to run around, we have properties for longer and flexible stays. Just let us know your pet’s needs and we will select the best option for them.
We realise that a horse is not going to fit into an apartment, that’s why we offer minding that comes to you. Select from daily visits that incorporate your animal's needs including:
• exercise programs
• arena work
• feeding
• cleaning
• grooming
• or just a walk in the park and some loving attention
What ever your animal's needs, we will tailor the right service for you and your animal.
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