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NSW 2011
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The Urban Herd has a range of training specialists that can work with your pet to combat any behavioural issue. From digging, howling, biting, kicking, aggression or separation anxiety, we will tailor a positive re-enforcement program to help your pet overcome any problem.
Starting from basic dog obedience and puppy skills, to more complex species problems, we offer a wholistic approach to ensure we really get to the root of your pet's issue. We will come to your home and complete a full behavioural assessment of your pet in his or her own environment, looking at specific species needs as well as individual behaviour profiles.  Anna will facilitate an individualised plan for your pet and can be available throughout the whole process should your animal's needs change. 
We understand that every animal is different and we don’t believe a one method fits all. Instead, draw on many years of both domestic and wild behavioural work to best fit the program to your pet. We have even resolved problems such as; over preening, screeching, self-mutilation, inability to shed skin to name but a few… 
No behavioural issue is too complex, we love a challenge!
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