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We operate a rental system of HOT SPA. It's a therapy spa for dogs with arthritis and our canine carts.

As a passive form of treatment, the Hot Spa is an ideal way for patients that are recovering from surgery to ease into more active, complementary forms of hydrotherapy because it helps to relax muscles and warm joints, allowing a greater range of movement.

Patients benefit from the Hot Spa because the:

  • hot water increases blood flow to the affected areas to:
  • improve tissue and collagen extensibility while decreasing pain and enhancing mobility in elderly
  • and/or arthritic animals
  • ease the muscular strains and sprains of injured dogs
  • vigorous water movement helps with muscle toning and relaxation.

A stand-alone form of passive treatment that complements and enhances all hydrotherapy programmes

Operator benefits

Our Hot Spa can be used as a stand-alone piece of equipment

  • to perform physiotherapy, stretching and range-of-motion exercises in warm water
  • or as a warm-up prior to exercise, such as swimming or treadmill work on the Westcoast Water Walker.

Key facts about the Hot Spa

  • uses minimal space and easily fits through a standard doorway
  • comes fully assembled for easy installation and minimal disruption
  • is durable and simple to maintain, made from high quality:
    • stainless steel; or
    • composite material


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